Winning Chess Middlegames: An Essential Guide to Pawn Structures

By Ivan Sokolov

Ivan Sokolov, a well-known grandmaster who has overwhelmed international champions like Kasparov, Kramnik and Anand, has written a lucid consultant on how you can win chess middlegames, through addressing a virtually universally missed yet very important subject: pawn buildings. With very obtainable verbal factors this publication allows you to resolve the fundamental difficulties of chess middlegames: house, stress and initiative. examine of this significant booklet, with dozens of hugely instructive and obviously defined video games from the greats of chess, will increase your middlegame abilities and should allow you to comprehend why pawns are thought of to be ?the souls of chess?.

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D1 ©e5! (tactical defence keeps) 20. Ãxh7+ (20. b4? will be fallacious as a result of 20... Àf3+! 21. gxf3 Ãxe3) 20... Àxh7 21. Àd3 ©f5 (Black may have compelled a draw with 21... Àe2+ 22. ®h1 (22. ®f1?! will be inquiring for hassle after 22... ©xh2 23. Àxc5 Àf4) 22... Àg3+! 23. ®g1 (23. hxg3? is a mistake as a result easy 23... ©h5+ 141 Win ning Chess Middlegames 24. ®g1 Ãxe3, and White is left with a wrecked pawn constitution) 23... Àe2+ with perpetual money) 22. Àxc5 Àc2 23. b4 and now Black made a tactical oversight with 23... ©g6? (correct was once 23... Õfe8) T_. _. tM_ jJj. _JjS . _. _. _D_ _. n. _. _. . iI_. _. _ _. _. b. _. I_S_. iIi rQ_R_. okay. research diagram ... which White can have exploited with 24. Àe6! fxe6 25. Õd2 and White takes the knight on c2, final a valid pawn up. eleven. Ãd3xc4 0-0 T_. d. tM_ jJj. lJjJ . _S_. s. _ _. _. _. _. . _Bi. _L_ _. n. _N_. Ii. _. iIi r. bQr. okay. 12. d4-d5! there is not any doubt that Kasparov had made a radical research of this twelfth stream. In his 1984 fit opposed to Karpov he had persisted with 12. Ãe3, which resulted in an equivalent video game after the cor rect 12... Ãxf3! thirteen. ©xf3 Àxd4 14. Ãxd4 ©xd4 15. Õxe7 ©xc4 sixteen. ©xb7 c6 17. ©b3 ©xb3 18. axb3 142 Õab8 19. Õa3 Õfe8 20. Õxe8+ Àxe8 and a draw was once agreed. 12. ... Àc6-a5!? the main trying out answer. White may have a pretty good, safe virtue in case of 12... Àb8 thirteen. h3 Ãh5 14. g4 Ãg6 15. Ãf4, or 12... Àb4 thirteen. a3 Ãxf3 14. gxf3 Àa6 15. Ãf4 Ãd6 sixteen. Ãg3. thirteen. Ãc4-d3 14. h2-h3! c7-c6 White has to behave energetically to grab the initiative the following. Black has cozy equality within the occasion of 14. dxc6 Àxc6. 14. ... Ãg4-h5 If Black comes to a decision to take the d5 pawn with 14... Ãxf3? 15. ©xf3 cxd5 (capturing the pawn with the knight doesn't fix things: 15... Àxd5? sixteen. Àxd5 cxd5í 17. Õe5! Àc6 (17... d4? may lose a bit after 18. Õd5! ©b6 (or 18... ©c7 19. Ãf4) 19. ©e4) 18. Õxd5 and White has a major advantage), White will get the pawn again, whereas preserving the initiative, after sixteen. Ãg5 Àc6 17. Ãxf6 Ãxf6 18. Àxd5, as noticeable within the online game Gutman-Hergott, Graz 1987. T_. d. tM_ jJ_. lJjJ . _J_. s. _ s. _I_. _L . _. _. _. _ _. nB_N_I Ii. _. iI_ r. bQr. okay. 15. Õe1-e5! the main circulate, most likely ready through Kasparov in his ‘home kitchen’. White maintains his assault in a really creative Chap ter 2: Iso lated Pawns means, combining threats alongside the 5th rank with these opposed to the black king. 15. ... Ãh5-g6 dealing with a tricky place over the board, Timman chooses the main ordinary answer. the opposite strikes may most probably have run into Kasparov’s domestic instruction and so they don't remedy the issues, for example: A) 15... cxd5 sixteen. Àxd5! Ãxf3 17. ©xf3 Àc6 18. Àxe7+ Àxe7 19. Ãg5 with an immense virtue; B) Arguably the main principled answer, 15... Ãd6, permits a powerful assault: T_. d. tM_ jJ_. _JjJ . _Jl. s. _ s. _Ir. _L . _. _. _. _ _. nB_N_I Ii. _. iI_ r. bQ_. ok. research diagram sixteen. Õxh5! Àxh5 B1) Now the thematic 17. Ãxh7+ ®xh7 18. Àg5+ doesn't appear to paintings after 18... ®g6 19. ©d3+ f5 20. Àe6. T_. d. t. _ jJ_. _. j. . _JlN_M_ s. _I_J_S . _. _. _. _ _. nQ_. _I Ii. _. iI_ r. b. _. ok. research diagram B11) White wins after 20... ©b8 21. g4! Àf4 22. Ãxf4 Ãxf4 23. Àxf8+ ©xf8 24. b4! – in lots of strains the undesirable place of the black knight stranded on a5 is a key aspect; B12) 20...

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