Warfare and Poetry in the Middle East

The center East has a poetic list stretching again 5 millennia. during this distinct publication, top students draw upon this legacy to discover the ways that poets, from the 3rd millennium BC to the current day, have replied to the results of conflict. They care for fabric in a wide selection of languages together with Sumerian, Hittite, Akkadian, biblical and glossy Hebrew, and classical and modern Arabic and variety from the destruction of Ur in 1940 BC to the poetry of Hamas and Hezbollah. a few poems are heroic in tone, celebrating victory and the prowess of warriors, others mirror keenly at the affliction that warfare explanations. the result's a piece that provides clean insights into the poetry of the center East and offers a different mirrored image of the ways that this so much violent and pervasive of human actions has been mirrored in several cultures.

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Sag ebbi ša ritt∞šunu amÓur ina nam∆ar∞ zaqt∑ti Óu∆ann∞šunu 02_Warfare&Poetry_Ch2_039-072. indd forty-one 27/06/2013 11:39 42 battle and Poetry within the heart East uparri’ patr∞ šibbi ÓurÆ∆i kaspi ša qabl∞šunu ekim … š∑ Umman-menanu šar Elamti adi šar BÆbili nasikkÆni ša mÆt Kaldi Ælik∑t id∞šu Óurbašu tÆÓÆz∞ya k∞malê zumuršunu isÓup zarÆtešun umaššer∑ma ana š∑zub napšÆt∞šunu pagr∞ ummÆnÆt∞šun uda”iš∑ etiq∑ ok∞ ša atmi summati kuššudi itarrak∑ libb∑šun š∞nÆtešun u∆arrap∑ qereb narkabÆt∞šunu umaššer∑ni zûšun ana radÆd∞šunu narkabÆti sisîya uma”er ark∞šun munnaribšunu ša ana napšÆte ∑∆û ašar ikaššad∑ urassab∑ ina kakki Oriental Institute Prism v 76–vi sixteen, 24–35 (text Luckenbill 1924:183–185) through command of the good lord Assur, my lord, I blasted opposed to the enemy to entrance and part just like the onslaught of a violent tempest. With the guns of my lord Assur and the fierce onslaught of my conflict I grew to become their develop and placed them into retreat. With arrows and darts I pierced the enemy’s troops and perforated their whole our bodies like pin-cushions(? ). Humban-undaša, the marshal of the king of Elam, a well-trusted fellow who commanded his military, his major desire, with his officials, whose belts have been built with gold daggers and fingers girt with sling-bands of ruddy gold – I butchered them forthwith like fattened steers tethered through rope and taken approximately their loss of life. I slit their throats like sheep. I sliced via their useful necks as via thread. I made their blood path over the huge earth like a flood cresting within the wet season. The thoroughbred stallions harnessed to my automobile plunged at a gallop into deep swimming pools in their blood as right into a river. The wheels of my conflict chariot, which lays low depraved and evil, have been awash with blood and gore. I crammed the apparent like grass with the corpses in their warriors. I bring to an end their moustaches and robbed them of dignity. just like the fruit of a ripe cucumber I bring to a halt their fingers and took from their fingers the sling-bands of 24-karat gold and silver. With sharp swords I severed their belts. I robbed them of the daggers of gold and silver at their waists…   Umman-menanu, the king of Elam, in addition to the king of Babylon and sheikhs of Chaldaea who followed him – terror of my conflict crushed their folks like a spectre. They deserted their tents and, to save lots of their lives, escaped through trampling over the corpses in their infantrymen, their hearts pounding like a hunted pigeon-chick’s. Scalding their chariots with urine they fouled them with excrement. I commanded my chariotry to chase after them, in an effort to diminish these operating for his or her lives at any place they can meet up with them. we all know from the Babylonian chronicle, a much less partial resource, that the result of this conflict, for all Sennacherib’s claims of a rout, used to be really an Assyrian opposite. 1 Leaving apart the old context and turning to 02_Warfare&Poetry_Ch2_039-072. indd forty two 27/06/2013 11:39 The Poem of Erra and Ishum43 literary concerns, the passage is outstanding for its bombastic sort and rhetorical ambition, conveyed specially in its number of vocabulary and constant (but frequently mundane) imagery.

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