Version Control with Git: Powerful tools and techniques for collaborative software development

By Jon Loeliger, Matthew McCullough

Get on top of things on Git for monitoring, branching, merging, and coping with code revisions. via a chain of step by step tutorials, this sensible advisor takes you speedy from Git basics to complex concepts, and gives pleasant but rigorous recommendation for navigating the numerous services of this open resource model regulate system.

This completely revised version additionally comprises suggestions for manipulating bushes, prolonged assurance of the reflog and stash, and a whole creation to the GitHub repository. Git helps you to deal with code improvement in an almost never-ending number of methods, when you know how to harness the system’s flexibility. This e-book indicates you how.

  • Learn tips to use Git for a number of real-world improvement scenarios
  • Gain perception into Git’s common-use situations, preliminary projects, and simple functions
  • Use the approach for either centralized and disbursed model control
  • Learn how you can deal with merges, conflicts, patches, and diffs
  • Apply complex options similar to rebasing, hooks, and how you can deal with submodules
  • Interact with Subversion (SVN) repositories—including SVN to Git conversions
  • Navigate, use, and give a contribution to open resource initiatives although GitHub

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Four' into maint +* [master~3^2^2^] wt-status. h: claim worldwide variables as extern -- [master~3^2~2] Merge department 'maint-1. five. four' into maint -- [master~16] Merge department 'lt/core-optim' +* [master~16^2] Optimize symlink/directory detection +* [master~17] rev-parse --verify: don't output whatever on errors +* [master~18] rev-parse: repair utilizing "--default" with "--verify" +* [master~19] rev-parse: upload try out script for "--verify" +* [master~20] upload svn-compatible "blame" output structure to git-svn $ git rev-parse master~3^2^2^ 32efcd91c6505ae28f87c0e9a3e2b3c0115017d8 among master~15 and master~16, a merge came about that brought a few different merges in addition to an easy dedicate named master~3^2^2^. that occurs to be devote 32efcd91c6505ae28f87c0e9a3e2b3c0115017d8. The command git rev-parse is the ultimate authority on translating any type of dedicate name—tag, relative, shortened, or absolute—into a precise, absolute dedicate hash identification in the item database. devote background Viewing outdated Commits the first command to teach the historical past of commits is git log. It has extra concepts, parameters, bells, whistles, colorizers, selectors, formatters, and doodads than the dedicate historical past | sixty nine fabled ls. yet don’t fear. simply as with ls, you don’t have to examine the entire information correct away. In its parameterless shape, git log acts like git log HEAD, printing the log message linked to each devote on your background that's handy from HEAD. alterations are proven beginning with the top devote and dealing again in the course of the graph. they're more likely to be in approximately opposite chronological order, yet bear in mind Git adheres to the dedicate graph, no longer time, while touring again over the historical past. in the event you provide a devote à l. a. git log dedicate, the log begins on the named dedicate and works backward. this manner of the command turns out to be useful for viewing the heritage of a department: $ git log grasp devote 1fbb58b4153e90eda08c2b022ee32d90729582e6 Merge: 58949bb... 76bb40c... writer: Junio C Hamano Date: Thu could 15 01:31:15 2008 -0700 Merge git://repo. or. cz/git-gui * git://repo. or. cz/git-gui: git-gui: Delete branches with 'git department -D' to transparent config git-gui: Setup department. remote,merge for shorthand git-pull git-gui: replace German translation git-gui: do not use '$$cr grasp' with aspell in advance of zero. 60 git-gui: file much less designated item estimates for database compression devote 58949bb18a1610d109e64e997c41696e0dfe97c3 writer: Chris Frey Date: Wed may perhaps 14 19:22:18 2008 -0400 Documentation/git-prune. txt: record unpacked good judgment Clarifies the git-prune manpage, documenting that it in simple terms prunes unpacked items. Signed-off-by: Chris Frey Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano devote c7ea453618e41e05a06f05e3ab63d555d0ddd7d9 ... The logs are authoritative, yet rolling again during the whole dedicate heritage of your repository is probably going now not very useful or significant. quite often, a restricted heritage is extra informative.

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