Thunder Rising (Warriors: Dawn of the Clans, Book 2)

By Erin Hunter

The mountain cats the sunlight path to a brand new territory, confident that during a land with extra prey, their lives will be loose from strife. yet whereas no cat has long gone hungry, tensions are emerging. The as soon as firmly united workforce has break up in two—and a tender cat named Thunder is stuck in the course of a deeply-rooted fight for energy, territory, and keep an eye on.

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He stammered. “Did you convey me? ” Stoneteller shook her head. “We either stroll in desires, pricey friend,” she answered, her voice deep and gentle despite her age and frailty. “And my middle tells me that i've got a message for you. ” grey Wing’s ears pricked alertly. “What is it? ” “A new existence awaits you, grey Wing,” the white she-cat advised him. “You needs to flip your paws onto a brand new direction. ” “I . . . I questioned approximately that, Stoneteller,” grey Wing meowed eagerly. “Turtle Tail’s kits want a father. . . . ” Stoneteller dipped her head. “That can be so,” she spoke back. “And but i believe there's one more reason that your dream has led you the following, into where set aside for the leaders of our Tribe. ” “But I’m not—” grey Wing started to protest, then broke off, staring appalled at Stoneteller. “Tall Shadow is our leader,” he went on after a moment’s silence. “She may be the following, no longer me. ” Stoneteller blinked. “Who can inform what lies forward within the seasons to come back? ” she requested. “Be prepared, grey Wing. and will you stroll your new direction with braveness. . . . ” As her voice died away the moonlight light, leaving grey Wing status in darkness. sooner than he had time to suppose afraid, he used to be waking in his personal nest, along with his denmates dozing round him. the subsequent morning dawned boring and cold, with a slap of rain within the wind. grey Wing emerged from his nest, fluffing up his pelt opposed to the damp chilly. The camp used to be quiet; he guessed that the majority of the cats have been nonetheless asleep, even though Tall Shadow was once already perched on her rock, maintaining watch inspite of the elements. after all she’s our chief, grey Wing instructed himself, pushing the tense dream to the again of his brain. As he gave himself a brief grooming, he noticed Thunder rising from the tunnel he shared with Lightning Tail and Acorn Fur. once he observed grey Wing, the younger cat bounded over to him. “Can I see Turtle Tail’s kits? ” he requested eagerly. “I’m now not sure . . . ,” grey Wing all started. “She wishes peace and quiet, to sleep and get her energy again. ” “Nonsense. ” grey Wing grew to become to work out Cloud Spots showing from Turtle Tail’s tunnel. “She’d love a few viewers. Why don’t you cross searching and convey a mouse for her? She’ll be hungry. ” “Okay, why now not? ” grey Wing agreed. He used to be afraid that with the unexpected swap in climate all of the prey will be snugly down their holes, yet they hadn’t long gone a long way while Thunder noticed a mouse sheltering below a gorse bush. With a look at grey Wing, who nodded encouragingly, he took off after it, jumping at the mouse with a positive yowl and padding again to grey Wing with the limp physique dangling from his jaws. “Great catch,” grey Wing meowed, relieved that this time Thunder had stuck the mouse with none hassle. “See, I stated you will get there after all. ” Thunder’s eyes have been shining. “Can we cross and notice Turtle Tail now? ” “Let’s see if we will locate anything else first,” grey Wing spoke back, brooding about if he was once intentionally delaying. “Turtle Tail has to be ravenous, and one mouse isn’t all that a lot. ” Thunder left his mouse in a crack among rocks, and the 2 cats headed clear of the hole, stalking quietly round a clump of gorse.

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