The Ultimate Reference Book: The Wit's Thesaurus

By Lance Davidson

Supplying unending leisure for the notice lover, this vital source for speech writers, scholars, politicians, writers and lecturers is a compendium of jokes, costs, classical myths, international words, and more--over 8,000 entries in additional than 800 different types of material.

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Frederick] Eldwin] Smith, 1st Earl ofBirkenhead (1872-1930), British legal professional and flesh presser ♦ ATHEISM & AGNOSTICISM Isabella Stewart ["Mrs. Jack"] Gardner (1840-1924), U. S. social chief and paintings collector international phrases and words kaffir (Arab) (KAH-feer) infidel, lower-order according to ♦ assault son Quotations international phrases and words "An atheist is a guy who has no invisible technique of help. " Blitzkrieg (Ger) (BLTTZ-kreeg) lit: lightning battle; John Buchan, Baron Tweedsmuir (18751940), British author and statesman a surprising and devastating strike (as sociated traditionally with German assault in WWII) 'There aren't any atheists within the fox holes. " jihad (Arab) (jee-HAHD) holy conflict or campaign by means of Muslims opposed to infidels William Thomas Cummings (1903-1945), U. S. soldier Jokes, tales and Anecdotes Quotations The movie director Luis Bunuel was once trained as a Catholic via the Jesuits. requested as an older guy if he were deeply laid low with his Jesuit educa tion, Bunuel replied, "Gr&ce d Dieu, je suis toujours athie. " (Thanks to God, i'm nonetheless an atheist) "Mon centre tide, ma droite recule, take a seat uation excellente, j'attaque. " (My cen ter is giving means, my correct is backing out, scenario first-class, i'm attacking. ) Marshal Ferdinand Foch (1851-1929), French normal, message despatched in the course of the first conflict of the Marne, September 1914 Luis Bunuel (1900-1983), French filmmaker Jokes, tales and Anecdotes ♦ ATONEMENT The cost of the sunshine Brigade, during which the British cavalry attacked the Russian weapons at Balaclava, ex emplified army self-discipline and parade-ground balance of speed. The silly heroism, even though, re sulted in close to overall annihilation. gazing the doomed enhance of Quotations "Repentance is yet wish of energy to sin. " John Dryden (1631-1700), British poet, playwright and author, Palamon and Ardte, bk. Iff//. 813 32 The Wit's word list his allies, normal Pierre Bosquet Classical words and Myths made the memorable remark, nota bene (Lat) (NOH-ta BE-ne) lit: notice good; consider what follows (usually a qualification to anything that has long past ahead of) "Cest magnifique, mats ce riest pas l. a. guerre. " (Ifs outstanding, yet. ifs no longer battle. ) Pierre Franqois Joseph Bosquet (1810-1861), French normal ecce homo (Lat) (EK-ke HO-moh) lit: behold the guy; photograph of Christ donning a crown of thorns ♦ ATTENTIVENESS overseas phrases and words Jokes, tales and Anecdotes Achtung (Ger) A professor was once reminiscing approximately his 30 years of training. "In approximately each type, there is one pupil ea ger to argue. even supposing my first im pulse used to be to silence her or him, I quickly discovered better," he acknowledged. "That scholar is likely one of the just one lis (ahk-TUHNG) consciousness! (military command) Quotations 'The wheel that squeaks the loudest Is the person who will get the grease/' tening. " Josh Billings [Henry Wheeler express] (1818-1885), U. S. stand-up comedian, The Kicker Dr. Bell, the version for Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes, may attempt the powers of percep tion of every new type of scientific scholars with an test.

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