The Road to Science Fiction: From Gilgamesh to Wells (Road to Science Fiction (Scarecrow Press)) (Volume 1)

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Between an historic Roman's journey to the moon and the glorious stories of H.G. Wells lies a trip via time and house and an grand evolution in medical considering. From Gilgamesh's look for immortality to Lucian's odyssey at the moon; from Jonathan Swift's hilarious satire on scientists in Gulliver's Travels to Mary Shelley's scary description of a scientist who has long gone too some distance in Frankenstein from Edgar Allan Poe's balloon journey within the yr 2848 to Jules Verne's prophesies of the effect of clinical innovations on destiny civilization; from Edward Bellamy's utopian get away from the economic Revolution to H.G. Wells's extraordinary tale of Earth threatened by way of an inescapable menace-here are the manager ancestors of the fashionable technological know-how fiction tale. For the 1st time, those and different key works are accrued jointly in a single anthology, entire with revealing observation at the authors, their eras, and the function each one performed in developing what we at the present time realize as technological know-how fiction.

The street to technology Fiction is a six-volume anthology of technological know-how fiction that covers the advance of technological know-how fiction from its earliest prototypes within the Sumerian Gilgamesh and the Greek epics to nearly 1990. Created initially to supply anthologies to be used in periods, those volumes became mass-market dealers in addition, considering they don't seem to be just a resource of remarkable tales but additionally clarify what constitutes technology fiction, the way it constructed and the contribution the authors and the tales have made to the evolution of technological know-how fiction.

Cloth version formerly released in 1979.

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