Resistance To Theory (Theory and History of Literature)

The name essay during this publication doesn't have interaction in a debate with the polemical rivals of literary thought; to Paul de guy, the resistance to concept is inherent within the theoretical firm itself, and the true debate is with its personal methodological assumptions and chances.

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107, 109. See additionally Bakhtin depression, eighty five reminiscence, inwardness of, sixty six. See additionally Erinnerung Messianic, the, seventy nine, ninety six; futurity, 103; wish, 102; tone, seventy six Metaphor, and metonymy, forty five technique: relation of didactics to, 29; and fact, forty four. See additionally Methode; fact; Wahrheit Metonymy, and metaphor, forty five Mimesis 48-49, sixty seven; as one trope between others, 10-11. See additionally Allegory Mimetic anomaly, in Riffaterre, 38-39 brain, as Erinnerung, as recollection, sixty nine; relating to symbolic artwork, sixty nine Minimization, as protective procedure, five The replicate and the Lamp, 6 Mise en abyme, constitution of, 39, 86 Modernity. seventy eight, a hundred and twenty; proposal of, as crux of literary background, fifty eight; as reduced naivete, seventy four; as dialectical idea, ninety three; as basically serious, seventy six smooth Language organization, xii, three, 112 Montaigne, Michel de, x Monumentality, of reminiscence, sixty nine. See additionally Riffaterre Mukafovsky, Jan, sixty three Naivitat:desBegriffs, derReflexion, desSetzens, seventy five. See additionally Modernity Naivete, seventy six; of the poet, eighty one Narcissus, fifty one Nebensachen, sixty four New feedback, x, 6, 17, 33, fifty four, 116-20 Newsweek, 22 Nietzsche, Friedrich, 22, sixty four, sixty six, sixty eight, seventy six, 103; as challenger of aesthetics of Kant and Hegel, eight; as philologist, 24 INDEX D a hundred thirty five Nihilism, 103-4; as serious understanding, 104 Novel: as low-mimetic mode in Bakhtin, 108; and concept of narrative, 106; as concatenation of truth and fiction, 112 Obsession, forty prevalence, 103-4; as textual, 104 Ode, forty seven, ninety eight. See additionally Lyric; Prosopopeia Ohmann, Richard, 18 Ontological, vs. ontic, xvii. See additionally Heidegger natural shape, 6 Organisch, sixty eight Overdetermination forty-one, 50; of reader's reaction, 33; as symptom of melancholy, forty three Pannwitz, Erwin, seventy seven Parabasis, forty two Paraphrase, eighty two Paronomasia or paronomasis, xiii, 10, fifty two, sixty six Pathos, of exile, ninety six Pedagogy, of literature, in Europe vs. U. S. , a hundred and fifteen. See additionally thought Peirce, Charles S. , eight notion, as actualization in Riffaterre, 33. See additionally Cognition Periodization, ix Personification, forty seven Persuasion, inseparability of from rhetoric, 18 exceptional, the, x; feel, 39 Phenomenalism: of aesthetics, sixty seven; of artwork, 67-68 Phenomenality: as accessibility to cognition, 34; as missing simple task, forty eight; of examining, 39; of signifier as sound, 10; of textual content, 35; undoing of 37. See additionally Materiality Phenomenology: as critique of the topic, ninety four; post-Husserlian, 7; as considered intentionality, 87 Philology, 21-26 passim, 118 Pindar, ninety eight Poe, Edgar Allan, 34 Poesie natural, sixty two Poetical, and relation to political, ninety three Poetics, 89; and goal of aesthetics of reception, 55-57; dis- and conjunction of, 55-56; and hermeneutics, 102, 113. See additionally Hermeneutics Poetry of poetry, sixty nine Political, and relation to poetical, ninety three Polysemy, sixty three Ponge, Francis, forty, forty-one, 118 Port-Royal, grammarians of as logicians, 14 Postmodernism, 119 Poulet, Georges, forty nine Prague Linguistic Circle, fifty six, sixty three Praxis, when it comes to idea, xiv-xviii passim quandary, three Prolepsis, 108 Prophetic, the, seventy six Prosaic, the, and background, 95-96 Prose, 110-11 Prosopopeia, forty seven; as determine of determine, forty eight; as determine of interpreting, forty five; as hallucinatory, forty nine; hypogram as, forty four; and reference vs.

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