The Orion Mystery: Unlocking the Secrets of the Pyramids. A Revolutionary New Interpretation of the Ancient Enigma.

By Robert Bauval, Adrian Gilbert

The tale of a mystery, hidden for millions of years, that might swap endlessly our realizing of the that means and objective of 1 of the main interesting wonders of the traditional international: the Pyramids of Egypt. 40 pages of black-and-white photographs.

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Yet a lot as we attempt to withstand such unscientific statements, the Edgar Cayce ‘readings’, visible from the vantage aspect of hind-sight, are eerie, whilst it truly is identified that he died in 1945 and, so far as we all know, by no means visited Egypt. we'd like now to seem into the parable of the phoenix and its egg, the sacred Benben of Heliopolis. eleven THE SEED OF THE PHOENIX The legend of the phoenix transmitted from century to century and from new release to iteration, is misplaced within the dimness of its origins … — Abbate-Pacha, ‘Le Phenix Egyptien’ … his family ordered that his physique might be mummified within the absolute best approach, in order that his soul and his intelligence, once they again a few hundreds of thousands of years for this reason to hunt his physique within the tomb, may possibly locate his ‘genius’ there ready, and that every one 3 may input into the physique and revivify it, and dwell with it endlessly within the nation of Osiris … — Wallis-Budge, the mother I The Flight of the Fire-Bird one of many strangest and least understood myths of historic Egypt matters the bennu chook or phoenix. an outline of the symbolism it was once meant to invoke is given through Rundle Clark: One has to visualize a perch extending out of the waters of the Abyss. On it rests a gray heron, the usher in of all issues to return. It opens its beak and breaks the silence of the primeval evening with the decision of existence and future, which ‘determines what's and what's to not be’. The Phoenix, for this reason, embodies the unique emblems, the be aware or announcement of future which mediates among the divine brain and created issues … In a feeling, while the Phoenix gave out the primeval name it initiated all these [calendrical] cycles, so it's the shopper of all department of time, and its temple at Heliopolis turned the centre of calendrical law. 1 This confirms what we suspected, that the suggestion of the phoenix is heavily on the topic of the good Pyramid because the epoch and timekeeper of pharaonic kingship, either legendary and ancient. The shafts from the King’s and Queen’s Chambers are calendrical in that they element in the direction of particular stars and stuck their precessional and different cycles; the phoenix, nonetheless, used to be the usher in or bringer of those cycles. there's as a result a hyperlink among the phoenix and the pyramid as timekeepers of the celebrities of Orion and, through extension, the ‘soul’ of the Osiris-kings. within the e-book of the useless (Chapter 17) the query is requested: ‘Who is he? … i'm the good phoenix that's in Heliopolis … who's he? he's Osiris …’, leaving us with little question who was once the Egyptian phoenix. The phoenix additionally had one other vital functionality: it used to be the bringer of the life-giving essence, the hikě, an idea corresponding to our suggestion of magic, which the nice cosmic poultry carried to Egypt from and magical land past the earthly international. in response to Rundle Clark this ‘was “the Isle of fireside” … where of eternal mild past the boundaries of the realm, the place the gods have been born or revived and whence they have been despatched into the world’. provided that the phoenix is heavily associated with the soul of Osiris, and is related to return from the ‘place the place gods are born or revived’, its origins past the area are, particularly essentially, the Duat.

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