The Machinic Unconscious: Essays in Schizoanalysis (Semiotext(e) / Foreign Agents)

By Felix Guattari

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L$ of Etulc~atJon. Pril9ma•JC Foos and TransfoonallorJS I fifty one of reprcsenr. ation isn't really extra "unreal" than one other. it's not rep~ sentation, the morphemes of the referent, or the figures of expression that experience a attribute of simulacra however the technique of passage among those entities. nine Abstraction can be outlined as a conceptual isolate that simulAtes diagrammatic family on the distinct aspect the place they're powerless. It completely pronounces the order of fabric and ethical issues in an international the place all artistic freedom has disappeared. It incarnates lifestyles, the Spirit, and alter purely once we aren't any longer within the presence of demise, madness, and paralysis. An abstraction will impose itself extra like an artificial a priori class in order that the capitalistic assemblage that helps will probably be in a position to confer an arbitrary personality on its rdat. ions of denotation and an unmoriV2ted personality on its family of signification. definitely the right of such an abstraction might rerum us to the case of"extremist" non secular assemblages-such as Kierkegaard's "religious sphere"-but usual capitalistic abstractions will continue via reterritorializations of this arbitrariness and this apathy within the kind of legislations codes, orders from above, country imperatives, etc... Resonant-reasonable abstraction is decided primarUy for the target of "framing" subjectivity and items of wish: a superego responds to an ego, an alternate price responds to take advantage of price, an imaginary museum responds to the proliferation of artwork ... The capitalistic use of abstraction, diversified from that of different despodc structures which have been happy with an absolute reference, is composed in relativiz. ing whatever in comparison to a sr. andard (affects, perceptions, suggestions, human kinfolk, machinic "growth" ... ). at the present time its functionality is to install coordinated structures of potm' in each box. The ensemble of traces of flight muse come jointly as a vanishing point-in a pictorial sense-an inner framework aspect whose place is perfecdy decided. traces of dissidence belong to the conventional play of instirutional abstractions: they confer at the marginal approach of the "weak" a greater potential of version and restoration. This has not anything to do with an arbitrary and fifty two I The Mocnonoc Unconscoous unmorivated "gratuity," like that of rhe powers ofdivine correct, yet wirh an exacerbation of rhe politics of suppression, distancing, auconomization, and alienation from an more and more domesticated airplane of the signifier. The homogenization of techniques of signifying formalization by no means develops on my own. 10 Capitalistic abstraction needs to unceasingly recreate the void, reproduce the splitting and isolation of an individuared topic in relation eo assemblages of enunciation; the signifier has to be incessandy reproduced through consciential elements and signifying simulation "selected" ro be cransformed by way of diagrammatic parts. Speech and writing, for instance, are by no means powerless in themselves yet regularly due ro a symagmatization and a paradigmarization that overcodes them.

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