The Grünfeld Defence, Volume 1 (Grandmaster Repertoire, Volume 8)

By Boris Avrukh

Grandmaster Repertoire is a sequence of top quality chess books in response to the most traces, written through robust grandmasters. the purpose is to supply the reader with an entire repertoire at a degree more than enough for elite tournaments, and definitely additionally for the membership championship. In volumes, The Grünfeld Defence bargains an entire repertoire for Black opposed to 1.d4. Avrukh's earlier Grandmaster Repertoire books White got common rave studies and feature been highly influential on chess avid gamers worldwide, together with on the very maximum point. this is often quantity one in all .

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Ixc5 ixc4 17. ixb6 . ixe2 18. ~d2 (White has additionally attempted 18. ~d7 . ixb2 19. ~bl Gulko - Navarovszky, Moscow 1971, and now 19 .... ia3N 20. ~xb7 ~c4 21. a5 ~fc8 may result in a nasty endgame for White, given that Black's bishop pair is particularly strong. ) 18 ... . ic4 19. h3 ~c6 (19 ... ~fe8!? merits consciousness) 20. a5 . ib5 21. lLld4 ixd4 22. exd4 The oppositecoloured bishop endgame is naturally drawish, Efimov - Stangl, Laveno 2003. 13•. • tllxc3 14. hc3 hc3 15. bxc3 ~e4 sixteen. ~d4 differently White will be worse: sixteen. ~dcl Wla5 17. lLld4lLlxc3 18. Wlfl . ie4+ The d-pawn is falling subsequent, Haygarth - A. Williams, Eastbourne 1973. 16•• . 'ilYa5 17. iYe1 141 bankruptcy 12 - S. tLlf3 a massive line is: 17. g4 Wlxc3 lS. E:ad1 liJd6! 19. 1iJe5 ,ie4 20. ,id3 ixd3 21. E:1xd3 Czubak - Hueser, e-mail200S. Now the easy 21... Wla1 t 22. E:d1 E:c1 might supply Black the higher percentages. eight 7 6 five After S... Wla5 nine. 0-0 Wlxc5 Black has no difficulties, yet with the textual content he's struggling with for a bonus. nine. @xd1 No greater is: nine. liJxd1 liJe4 10. 0-0 liJc6 Black has a lot the higher video game, as a result superiority of his dark-squared bishop. In Gomes - Santos, Brazil 1993, White misplaced in a short time: eleven. E:b1?! liJxc5 12. b4? ,ifS-+ nine ... liJbd7 four three 2 1 abc d e f g h 17... liJd6!? N i feel that this logical novelty permits Black to struggle for a bonus. After 17 ... Wlxc3 ls. id3 Wlxe1t 19. E:xe1 liJc3 Fehmers Brinkmann, Germany 2001, White may still play: 20. ixf5N gxfS 21. d6 exd6 22. @fl His job may still allow White to procure a draw with no an excessive amount of trouble. 18. Ad3 one other line I tested is: ls. ifl Wlxc3 19. Wlxc3 E:xc3 20. liJd2 E:c2 21. e4 ,id7 The endgame is just a little greater for Black. 18. ••hd3 19J:lxd3 E:c4! Reminding White that the a4-pawn is additionally susceptible. 20. ttld2 gxa4 Black has the higher possibilities in a fancy middlegame. C) 6•. id3 c5 7. 0-0 it's erroneous to play: 7. dxc5 dxc4 S. ,ixc4 Wlxd1 t abc d e f g h as a result of the lost white king, Black's likelihood is larger. 10. c6 bxc6 eleven. @e2 liJb6 12. ,id3 liJfd5 thirteen. tLlxd5 thirteen. i. d2 tLlb4! secures an side for Black. 14. a3 liJxd3 15. @xd3 ,ia6t sixteen. @c2 E:fdS 17. E:ad1 id3t lS. @c1liJc4=t S. KasparovAronian, Minsk 1995. thirteen ... cxd5 14. E:d1 This place has happened in a number of video games. Black should still play the typical: 14 ... E:bSN White is suffering to equalize. 7 ••• cxd4 eight. exd4 S. liJxd4 permits Black to snatch area within the centre: S... e5 nine. liJb3 e4 10. ,ie2 dxc4 eleven. ,ixc4 Wlc7 12. ,ie2 liJc6 thirteen. liJb5 WlbS 14. ,id2 E:dS 15. liJSd4 liJe5 sixteen. h3 b6 17. E:c1 ,ib7+ Black had more room and the higher percentages in T. Fischer - Steinmacher, Baunatal 1996. 142 Closed edition 14 ... ~xc4N 15. %Vd2 ~e8 sixteen. ~ac1llJd5= Black has no difficulties. 12. llJe5 ~c8 thirteen. ,tf3 llJd5 14. llJe4 llJb4 development: abc d e f g h 8... ~c69. h3 this can be important prophylaxis. After nine. ,tg5 ,tg4 the pin is extremely disagreeable: 10. ,txf6 ,txf6 Il. llJxd5 Axd4 12. ie2 ig7 thirteen. llJe3 ,te6 Black used to be far better in Sterliagova Pogonina, Serpukhov 2002. 9... dxc4 Black has different playable strikes, yet this looks the main logical. 10.. txc4 ~a5 abc 1l ..

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