The Ayurveda Encyclopedia: Natural Secrets to Healing, Prevention, & Longevity

By Swami Sadashiva Tirtha

The theories and practices of Ayurvedic medicine—including the healing merits of aromas, meals, herbs, meditation, yoga, and more—are featured in this entire instruction manual. With a bit devoted to wellbeing and fitness issues, this advisor clarifies the simplicity of therapeutic certainly and provides guidance in the direction of a higher feel of health and wellbeing, decreased rigidity, and psychological peace. photos of greater than eighty herbs and yoga postures around out this domestic reference and instructing tool.

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Yogurt or lassi isn't really to be fascinated with illnesses concerning blocked channels (srotas). [See the dairy part for extra details—page one hundred forty five] Alcohol kidneys, habit, no longer for yoga or meditation; beer—long term—causes edema and obese espresso Energetics: smelly, bitter/warm/pungent KVP+ Rajasic motion: Nervine, cardiac stimulant symptoms: Occasional use for power, hypotension, melancholy. Contraindications: gentle narcotic, addictive Fruit Juices Energetics: Áma+ motion: Laxative symptoms: bitter or astringent are larger (cranberry, lemon, lime, pineapple, pomegranate, bitter V-; astringent PK-). Contraindications: Weaken digestive fireplace, now not all for or without delay after nutrients or very first thing within the morning natural Teas Energetics: highly spiced and astringent highly spiced- ginger, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, orange peel, mint, chamomile, and so forth. —stimulate digestion VK Astringent—alfalfa, dandelion, chicory, strawberry leaf, hibiscus, and so forth. —antacid, alterative PK Milk & Dairy Energetics: See Dairy part (p. a hundred forty five) Milk vice chairman- (with sugar or honey) Buttermilk V Energetics: stinky, candy, sour, sour/hot/sour Mineral Water V- PK+ rajasic Energetics: Carbonated PK- V+ motion: Beer—diuretic motion: Oxygenates blood and cells symptoms: Small quantities of wine reduction digestion symptoms: stream, a few mineral suppleand move (particularly medicated Áyurvedic menting wines, like drakßha), sit back nerves, advertise menstruation; extracting herb houses (especially Soda highly spiced or bitters). Beer explanations kidney stones. Wine Contraindications: either advertisement (Coke, is the easiest type of gentle intake. not easy liquor Pepsi and so on. ) and traditional are candy and customarily taken is particularly disruptive. candy liqueurs are deranging chilly. they don't mix good with different meals, as a result of blend of sugar and alcohol. weakens agni, weaken spleen and pancreas, deContraindications: extra aggravates all hu- variety sugar and water metabolism mors, aggravates blood, deranges liver, pancreas, symptoms: larger in sizzling climate or while very 154 Section three: Therapeutics thirsty. Tea Energetics: sour, candy, astringent/ cool/pungent PK- V+ a few believe it truly is sattwic Contraindications: subtle teas could be synthetic and harmful, extra reasons insomnia, dry mouth and thirst, overly brewed factors constipation symptoms: concerned with milk and spices like ginger and cinnamon (Indian Chai) it's much less stressful to Váyu. most sensible taken after nutrients, as astringent tastes are digested final. Counters hyperacidity, summer time drink, counters warmth, damp, and sunlight publicity; migraine complications, overly brewed explanations constipation (so it's sturdy for treating diarrhea). Vegetable Juice Energetics: See the vegetable part bitter (i. e. , tomato) P+, blood aggravation Salty V- (as soup is healthier) eco-friendly (celery, parsley, comfrey leaf) detox, PKV+ Carrot- detoxification, strengthening (too candy, may possibly weaken digestion) Wheat Grass- hugely detoxification, strong for áma, PK-, cleans blood, counters an infection and tumors, V+ except used with sours—lime, lemon, orange Water bankruptcy 6: food and dilutes plasma Spring—water is most popular over distilled water.

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