The Artist's Handbook

By Pip Seymour

An encyclopedic compendium of data on creative fabrics, from pigments, and drawing instruments, with lengthy chapters on oil, watercolour, pastel, acrylic. speaking from brushes to pservation of comprehensive works.

Sample from the index:

Watercolour 335
Historical heritage 335
Properties of Watercolour 337
Commercially synthetic Watercolours 342
Hand-Prepared Watercolours 343
Lightfastness and Permanence 346
Supports for Watercolour portray 346
Papermaking 347
Stretching Watercolour Paper 350
Care and garage of Watercolours 352
Auxiliary fabrics 353
Painting ingredients 354
Combining Watercolour and different Media 355
Gouache 356
Artists’ Gouache and Designers’ Gouache 357
Hand-Made Gouache shades 358
Application 361
Supports 361
Preservation and garage of labor 361
Alternative Water-Based Binding brokers 362

And equally for every fabric or techcnique in portray

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Composition and MnO2. Manganese dioxide typical mineral pigment. foundation Has been used sporadically by way of artists because the early 1900s. Tinting power robust. color impartial black-grey. Opacity Semi-opaque. Suitability to Media – Drying fee (in oil) Very quick. Defects – Availability/Cost now not accepted in tube oil shades, even supposing the pigment is comparatively reasonably cheap. reviews an invaluable, fast-drying black. targeted be aware – healthiness & defense – info B9A3852A-97CE-4181-BE41-D71C6F8B5631 The Artist guide 8/4/03 3:21 PM web page a hundred and seventy one hundred seventy THE ARTIST’S instruction manual SPINEL BLACK PBk 26 color Index quantity 77494 ASTM/BWS score now not demonstrated. universal Names Manganese ferrite spinel black, cobalt black. Composition and a man-made mineral pigment. Spinel: technique comparable foundation to fabricate of cobalt pigments. lately brought. Tinting power first-class – a number of glaze layers supply the inner most blacks. color Deep, somewhat blue-black. Opacity strong transparency as glaze. Suitability to Media – Drying expense (in oil) quick. Defects – Availability/Cost dear, on hand as pigment and in a few up-to-date oil color levels. reviews – targeted be aware – wellbeing and fitness & protection – info B9A3852A-97CE-4181-BE41-D71C6F8B5631 The Artist guide 8/4/03 3:21 PM web page 171 PIGMENTS 171 SEPIA usual Brown nine color Index – quantity ASTM/BWS score no longer proven. universal Names – Composition and CaCO3. The ink sac of the cuttlefish offers a dismal beginning brown-black pigment. In nature, whilst the fish is attacked, it releases a jet of ink into the water, to confuse prey. This ink sac will be dried, washed freed from salt water and punctiliously dried, then pulverised to shape a powder after which boiled with lye (potassium hydroxide). the consequent colored liquid is precip- itated with hydrochloric acid, washed after which left to dry out completely. this day, the time period, “sepia” is frequently used to explain browns, brown-blacks and red-browns in levels of inks and paints. as a result, the designated color of sepia is understood to few humans. the real color of sepia is a really darkish brown, almost black, that possesses a moderate transparency whilst diluted, or while further to glazing media. From the overdue 1700s, sepia used to be usual as an ink and wash color for works on paper. outdated recipes point out specified kinds of sepia: a) sepia used on my own, as an easy black-brown color; b) sepia admixed with crimson madder lake to provide a hotter tone. throughout the nineteenth century it was once occasionally used as a pigment for oil portray, even though it's not lightfast adequate for this goal. Tinting energy excessive. coloration Deep brown black, turning a little hotter (redder) in hue while uncovered to mild. sleek pigment combinations known as sepia usually have this hot red-brown visual appeal. The darkish color is preserved a little bit if accomplished artistic endeavors are saved in closed portfolios and simply proven in subdued lights. “roman sepia” is a hot red-brown shaped whilst sepia is admixed with a purple lake comparable to carmine or madder.

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