The Art of Stone Skipping and Other Fun Old-Time Games: Stoopball, Jacks, String Games, Coin Flipping, Line Baseball, Jump Rope, and More

By Jayne Jaudon Ferrer

It’s an old-time playtime—nothing digital, simply video games that experience stood the try out of time! they assist teenagers construct talents like hand-eye coordination, challenge fixing, and easily studying tips to be a great crew participant and paintings good with others. yet such a lot of all, they’re plenty of enjoyable. This choice of undying video games promises little ones an excellent time—by themselves, with a bunch of associates, or with their kinfolk. And better of all, no batteries are required . . . and extremely little apparatus, too.

There’s Hopscotch and Dodgeball, 4 sq. and Stoopball, Horse and One outdated Cat (a ball online game just like baseball, yet with just one base). All you wish is your brain—and sometimes a paper and pen—to play video games like organization, the Minister’s Cat, and Dumb Crambo (which is identical to Charades, yet has a rhyming twist). A wet day without acquaintances round will be greatest to make Hand Shadows, stroll on Can Stilts, or perform Jacks. Don’t disregard card video games like loopy Eights and Rummy, Crab and Sack Races, and outdated favorites like Duck, Duck, Goose and crimson Rover. and since no mum or dad loves to listen the whine of "Are we there yet?" there’s an entire bankruptcy of video games for the car!

Black-and-white illustrations maintain the old-timey consider whereas getting little ones excited to play. uncomplicated directions clarify what number of people can play, what you wish, the thing of the sport, and the fundamental ideas. for added leisure, there also are plenty of enjoyable evidence in regards to the historical past of the video games sprinkled all through. This ebook is so jam-packed with actions that children probably want to flip off their pcs, close down their PlayStations and Xboxes, and get enjoying the old school approach!

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