Selected Works: John Wilmot

By John Wilmot, H. Frank Ellis

Whereas dwelling a lifetime of reckless debauchery and sexual adventuring, Rochester produced comedian verse, scurrilous satires, and hugely particular erotica. His chosen Works, edited by way of Frank H. Ellis and now to be had from Penguin Classics, convey him to be one of many wittiest and most complicated poets of the 17th century. With never-ending literary disguises, rhymes and alliteration, humor and humanity, Rochester's poems delay a replicate to the extravagances and absurdities of his age.

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Thou fear’st no injured kinsman’s threatening blade Nor nighttime ambushes through opponents laid; 55While the following with aching hearts our joys we flavor Disturbed by means of swords like Damocles’s dinner party. To all gents, women, and Others, no matter if of urban, city, or kingdom, Alexander Bendo wisheth all healthiness and Prosperity while this recognized city of britain (and have been the endeavours of its beneficial population equivalent to their energy, advantage, and advantage, I aren't persist with denounce it very quickly the city of the full world), while, I say, this (5) urban (as so much nice ones are) has ever been infested with a various corporation of such whose smug self belief, subsidized with their lack of awareness, has enabled them to impose upon the folk, both by means of premeditated cheats or at top the palpable, uninteresting, and empty error in their self-deluded imaginations in (10) physic, chemical and Galenic, in astrology, physiognomy, palmistry, arithmetic, alchemy, or even in govt itself: the final of which i can't suggest to discourse of or meddle in any respect in, because it no methods belongs to my exchange or vocation, because the leisure do, which (thanks to my God) i locate even more secure, (15) i believe, both sincere, and hence extra ecocnomic. yet as to the entire former, they've been so erroneously practised via many unlearned wretches whom poverty and neediness for the main half (if now not the stressed itch of deceiving) has pressured to straggle and wander in unknown paths, that even the professions. (20) themselves, even though initially the goods of the main realized and clever men’s hard reports and reviews and through them left a prosperous and excellent inheritance for a while to come back, look via this bastard race of quacks and cheats to were run out of all knowledge, studying, perspicuousness, and (25) fact with which they have been so plentifully stocked and now run right into a reputation of mere mists, imaginations, blunders, and deceits corresponding to, within the administration of those idle professors, certainly they have been. you are going to consequently (I desire) gents, women, and others (30) deem it yet simply that I, who for a few years have with all faithfulness and assiduity courted those arts and got such sign favours from them that experience admitted me to the chuffed and whole delight in themselves and relied on me with their maximum secrets and techniques, should still with an earnestness and situation extra (35) than traditional, take their components opposed to those impudent fops whose saucy, impertinent addresses and pretensions have introduced such scandal upon their such a lot immaculate honours and reputations. along with, i am hoping you won't imagine i may be so impudent (40) that, if I had meant such a foul play myself, i might have given you so reasonable caution by means of my critical observations upon others. Qui alterum incusat probri, ipsum se intueri oportet. PLAUTUS. in spite of the fact that, gents, in a global like this, the place advantage is so precisely counterfeited and hypocrisy so more often than not (45) taken discover of that everybody (armed with suspicion) stands upon his shield opposed to it, ‘twill be very challenging, for a stranger specifically, to flee censure.

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