Relics of the Lost: A Sourcebook of Lost Technology for the Stars Without Number Role-Playing Game

By Kevin Crawford

In Relics of the misplaced you can find a trove of historical know-how and important artifacts lengthy considering the fact that misplaced to a lesser period. whereas written for the loose Stars with out quantity video game method, the vintage mechanics used listed here are appropriate with nearly any old-school gaming process, bearing in mind caches of international expertise on your personal favourite game.

Inside this 32-page number of tech, you'll find....

* 25 new guns, from out of date mortars to temporal explosives

* 10 new sorts of armor to be hired in valiant battle

* 30 new pharmaceutical stims for each perilous occasion

* 50 commerical and household units, every one of that are able to be repurposed to ends unanticipated by means of their creators

* eight new robotic armatures, all with stats to be used as AI hulls

* five hideous maltech initiatives to blight an unsuspecting world

Plus additional trimmings for augmented or malfunctioning historic guns, moment Wave stim brands and their quirks, random tables for producing loot, and a few additional adjectives so as to add a few character to that stack of watersilk couture.

Grab Relics of the misplaced, and upload a few old artifice on your gaming this day!

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