Reification: or the Anxiety of Late Capitalism

By Timothy Bewes

Of all of the options that have emerged to explain the results of capitalism at the human global, none is extra photo or simply grasped than “reification”—the procedure through which women and men are changed into gadgets, issues. bobbing up out of Marx’s account of commodity fetishism, the idea that of reification deals an unrivalled instrument with which to give an explanation for the genuine effects of the facility of capital on realization itself.

Symptoms of reification are proliferating round us—from the branding of products and prone to racial and sexual stereotypes, all varieties of non secular religion, the expansion of nationalism, and up to date ideas like “spin” and “globalization.” At one of these time, the time period should get pleasure from larger severe forex than ever. fresh thinkers, despite the fact that, have expressed deep reservations in regards to the idea, and the time period has turn into marginalized within the humanities and social societies.

Eschewing this pattern, Timothy Bewes opens up a brand new formula of the concept that, claiming that, within the hugely reflective age of “late capitalism,” reification is healthier understood as a kind of social and cultural anxiety: additional, that such an realizing returns the idea that to its origins within the paintings of Georg Lukács. Drawing upon writers together with Kierkegaard, Herman Melville, Proust and Flannery O’Connor, he outlines a thought of reification which delivers to unite politics with fact, artwork with adventure, and philosophy with genuine lifestyles.

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Qualification, feedback in modernity threatens to exchange the deluded happiness of the folks with not anything greater than a searing knowledge of man's finitude. (The note translated into English within the passage above as 'abolition', considerably, isn't Abschffing however the Hegelian AuJhebung, a time period inclusive of the senses of go beyond, triumph over, supersede, but additionally these of safeguard, bring up up. ) The feedback of faith as such labours lower than REÍFICATION, OR THE anxiousness OF past due CAPITALISM the appearance that it abolishes a mediated life to reach at immediacy - the as soon as and for all ,unrepeatable tearing of the veil' which Lukács warns againsr. e iiber"tion f. ol Co¿ turns into, in impact, errsla-rement to an interminable fight againsr reification. actual emancipation is prohibitea by means of . rIñ"t develops in its stead: a situation ãf morbid, existential . áor. *_ plation, totally faraway from aim truth and hence, as Lukács poinrs our, capable in basic terms to relognize it or to reject it. r0 this can be the 'irrational chasm' which, accãrding to Lukács, opens up among topic and item in bourgeois t[o. rgfrt, rhe results of ,a theoretical technique established upon urrmedi"teá contemplation,; and he cites Fichre (arong wich simmer) who speaks of a h¡otu's inationalis, a murþ void berween idea and perform _ as exem_ plary of such considering. ll ,There is not any teing;declares Fichte within the Vocation of guy. ,I myself totally comprehend nor and am nor. Pictures,are: - rhey a^re rhe purely issues which exist, and thef recognize of themselves afrcr the style oipict,rre, . . . i actually am this kind of photos. '12 Such melancholic selÊabsorption, as Fichte recognizes, is the results of the systematizetion and for that reason the alienatiãn of information, which, minimize offfrom ,faith,, is reduce offalso from real_ iry-and subjectivity. wisdom has no optimistic content material; particularly, it basically 'destroys and annihilates error'. -L . "rrrro, supply us fact, due to the fact in itself wisdom is completely empry. just like the order of sis_ nifìcation as conceptuelized via Saussuie,',knowledge, facebook, F;;L is a selÊsustaining procedure, characteùzed essentially by means of inner coherence instead of any necessery correspondence to the area outdoor it. 'All wisdom is just images, represenra_ tions; and there's continuously anything *"rriirrg in it _ áat which corresponds to the illustration. This wish can't be provided via wisdom; a sysrem of data is necessarilya systel of mere images, totally with out realiry signifìcance or goal. ,13 . Tl. determine of Captain Ahab in Herman Melville,s Moby_Dick is a fictional illustration of this contemporary bleakness, the per_ sonification of a distress brought on at once via manb usurpation of where of God. Ahab's wish to be revenged upon a ,dumb ANÄLOGY of spiritual AND COMMODITY FETISHISM 139 brute'who took offhis leg is condemned via Starbuck, his leader mate, as blasphemous; certainly, his tormented pursuit of the whale is prompted by way of a radical cave in of religion within the Godordained international. In his cabin Ahab soliloquizes, at the same time seizing accountability for the management of divine justice and upbraiding the very metaphysical order he needs to displace: 'I now prophesy that i'm going to dismember my dismemberer.

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