Python Network Programming Cookbook

Over 70 specific recipes to advance sensible ideas for quite a lot of realworld community programming tasks

About This Book

  • Demonstrates how you can write numerous besopke client/server networking functions utilizing normal and renowned third-party Python libraries
  • Learn the way to boost patron courses for networking protocols reminiscent of HTTP/HTTPS, SMTP, POP3, FTP, CGI, XML-RPC, cleaning soap and REST
  • Provides functional, hands-on recipes mixed with brief and concise reasons on code snippets

Who This ebook Is For

If you're a community programmer, system/network administrator, or an internet software developer, this publication is perfect for you. you'll have a uncomplicated familiarity with the Python programming language and TCP/IP networking innovations. notwithstanding while you're a amateur, you are going to enhance an realizing of the suggestions as you move with this e-book. This e-book will function a supplementary fabric for constructing hands-on abilities in any educational path on community programming.

What you are going to Learn

  • Develop TCP/IP networking client/server applications
  • Administer neighborhood machines' IPv4/IPv6 community interfaces
  • Write multi-purpose effective internet consumers for HTTP and HTTPS protocols
  • Create email consumers to paintings with universal e mail protocols comparable to SMTP, POP3, IMAP, and so on.
  • Scrape web content and look for beneficial information
  • Perform distant approach management initiatives over Telnet and SSH connections
  • Interact with well known web pages through net providers corresponding to XML-RPC, cleaning soap, and relaxation APIs
  • Monitor and learn significant universal community safeguard vulnerabilities

In Detail

Python is a wonderful language to exploit to write down code and feature enjoyable by means of prototyping purposes quick. The presence of plenty of third-party libraries, often referred to as batteries, makes it much more more uncomplicated and quicker to prototype an software or to enforce a brand new set of rules. while you're attracted to developing the development blocks for lots of sensible internet and networking functions that depend upon networking protocols then this booklet is a must-have.

This ebook highlights significant points of community programming in Python ranging from writing basic networking consumers, to constructing advanced screen-scraping and community protection tracking scripts. It creates the development blocks for lots of useful net and networking functions that depend upon quite a few networking protocols. This booklet offers the ability and sweetness of Python in fixing the various real-world projects within the sector of community programming, approach and community management, community tracking, and web-application improvement.

This e-book develops your skill to resolve quite a lot of community programming initiatives in Python. we'll commence by way of exploring the Python ordinary library features to create client/server community and control your neighborhood networking assets on hand less than either IPv4 and IPv6. the sensible concentration maintains with growing internet and e mail consumers, scraping web content, fetching info from a variety of web pages, and looking out for info on the internet corresponding to Amazon, Flickr, and different websites. It extra develops your abilities to investigate your community defense vulnerabilities utilizing complicated community packet catch and research techniques.

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The EPOLLHUP occasion indications an unforeseen on the subject of a socket that's as a result of inner blunders stipulations. forty eight Chapter 2 Multiplexing an echo server utilizing Diesel concurrent library occasionally you want to write a wide customized networking program that wishes to prevent repeated server initialization code that creates a socket, binds to an deal with, listens, and handles uncomplicated blunders. there are various Python networking libraries in the market that will help you to take away boiler-plate code. right here, we will be able to learn this kind of library known as Diesel. preparing Diesel makes use of a non-blocking approach with co-routines to write down networking severs successfully. As said at the web site, Diesel's middle is a decent occasion loop that makes use of epoll to convey approximately flat functionality out to 10,000 connections and past. the following, we introduce Diesel with an easy echo server. you furthermore may want diesel library three. zero or any later model. you are able to do that with pip command: $ pip set up diesel >= three. zero. the way to do it... within the Python Diesel framework, purposes are initialized with an example of the Application() classification and an occasion handler is registered with this example. let's have a look at how uncomplicated it truly is to write down an echo server. directory 2. five indicates the code at the echo server instance utilizing Diesel as follows: #! /usr/bin/env python # Python community Programming Cookbook -- bankruptcy - 2 # This software is optimized for Python 2. 7. # it could actually run on the other model with/without adjustments. # you furthermore may desire diesel library three. zero or any later model import diesel import argparse category EchoServer(object): """ An echo server utilizing diesel""" def handler(self, remote_addr): """Runs the echo server""" host, port = remote_addr[0], remote_addr[1] print "Echo patron attached from: %s:%d" %(host, port) whereas precise: attempt: forty nine Multiplexing Socket I/O for greater functionality message = diesel. until_eol() your_message = ': '. join(['You said', message]) diesel. send(your_message) other than Exception, e: print "Exception:",e def main(server_port): app = diesel. Application() server = EchoServer() app. add_service(diesel. Service(server. handler, server_port)) app. run() if __name__ == '__main__': parser = argparse. ArgumentParser(description='Echo server instance with Diesel') parser. add_argument('--port', action="store", dest="port", type=int, required=True) given_args = parser. parse_args() port = given_args. port main(port) for those who run this script, the server will convey the subsequent output: $ python 2_5_echo_server_with_diesel. py --port=8800 [2013/04/08 11:48:32] {diesel} WARNING:Starting diesel Echo consumer attached from: 127. zero. zero. 1:56603 On one other console window, one other Telnet shopper should be introduced and the echoing message to our server might be established as follows: $ telnet localhost 8800 attempting 127. zero. zero. 1... hooked up to localhost. get away personality is '^]'. hi Diesel server ? You stated: hi Diesel server ? 50 Chapter 2 the subsequent screenshot illustrates the interplay of the Diesel chat server: the way it works... Our script has taken a command-line argument for --port and handed this to the main() functionality the place our Diesel software has been initialized and run.

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