Polychrome: A Worldbook for Cyberpunk Adventure for Stars Without Number

By Kevin Crawford

It wasn't your thought. It by no means needs to be. you simply do the activity and acquire your pay. There's an enormous pink gap on your credits after the wires you picked up on the stitcher. There's a bit pink dot at the again of this man's head. He'll most likely comprehend why you're pulling the set off. You? You're simply the prophet of somebody else's revelation. overlook it, offworlder. It's Polychrome.

Learn all of the soiled info and urban truths of the megacorp-dominated global of Polychrome, the place the cyberware is reasonable and the lives are more affordable. as well as the heritage and ruthless corp-controlled tradition of this long-isolated global, GMs will locate normal assets for operating a cyberpunk-fueled video game within the twisted metal tunnels of the Warrens, chock-full of the system-neutral sandbox is helping you've come to anticipate from Sine Nomine. experience define instruments, speedy reference sheets, new cyberware, and an integrated mini-adventure will make sure that this worldbook is all you'll have to supply your Stars with out quantity video game pleasure with a mirrorshade sheen.

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If the desktops were not disguised or in a different way working with their faces hid, their visual appeal may be prioritized at the Council's facial reputation algorithms and any cease through safety or passage right into a Council construction will potentially bring about using deadly strength to recognize them. in the medical institution, many of the gear has been got rid of for garage, leaving little yet reasonable metal furnishings and light holoposters of outmoded, vaguely pornographic phosphor tattoo kinds. Te ofce commpad fashes with one unplayed message, even if. it truly is an 32 angry screed from a buyer who is complaining that his phosphor tats have been put in with an insecure OS, and that he is a strolling billboard now for each script kiddie with a instant connection and a picture to add. Te rant ends with "I recognize you are on the Blue Moon, you goddamn quack, and once you cease hiding lower than that Yak kimono i will feed you your fucking balls! " but when it comes out that the desktops are operating for Lan Yu, one of many Yak will twitch: "You're operating for that Iron Dragon complain? Are you attempting to get instantly with a Dragon, Jasper? " Jasper will gabble frantically approximately now not desirous to support Lan Yu, however the Yak are usually not susceptible to hear him. provide the computers a number of rounds to attempt to persuade the Yak that they don't seem to be really in league with the Iron Dragons, but when they can not speak quick sufficient a fght goes to wreck out. Jasper will subscribe to the desktops in desperation. Blue Moon A low, evident block of wonderful blue gentle and coruscating photos, the Blue Moon is a gaudy nightclub serving the extra upscale parts of the neighborhood underhab district. Even a couple of fresh forms are available there on any given evening, slumming with a half-dozen in their acquaintances or within the corporation of 3 or 4 heavily-armed minders. Te purchasers is younger, loud, scantily-dressed, and stored well mannered by means of very huge bouncers wearing outfts that mix parts of a kimono over-robe with vividly-printed vests and trousers. Te Blue Moon itself is a sq. construction tales excessive, windowless at the frst foor and with barred home windows calmly spaced round the moment. Te window bars are too tricky to be damaged with no slicing laser or a grenade wedged among them. Tere's a again door at the frst foor, yet it is stored bodily barred. a really moderate crack within the door body is sufcient to allow a psychic teleporter blink to the opposite aspect or telekinetically shift the bar. From the storeroom at the different part, a staircase leads as much as the second one foor. Te conceal cost is 4 credit a head, with 4 of the bouncers minding the door. weapons and knives are to be checked on front, yet pistols and smaller gadgets may be smuggled in with a profitable Stealth/Int fee as opposed to difculty 7 or a great plan. Te bouncers use patdowns to find guns instead of any steel detector or related tech. Te dance foor swirls with frantic shoppers having fun with the frission of chance that comes from the venue. Tree-meter extensive lighting fixtures of cerulean blue orbit overhead on skinny cables, sometimes fashing with a few harsher colour.

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