PetCam: The World Through the Lens of Our Four-Legged Friends

By Chris Keeney

As shut as we're to our liked pets, we frequently ask yourself how they spend their days after we should not looking at. What do they discover? How does the area glance from the viewpoint of our canine and cats—or our chickens and goats? PetCam, via photographer Chris Keeney, writer of Pinhole Cameras, provides a suite of extraordinary and fun photos created by means of a global roster of four-legged photographers. With small, light-weight cameras hooked up to their collars and cowbells, they rfile what they see as they move approximately their day-by-day routines—lounging lower than parked automobiles, scaling rooftops, leaping fences, stress-free in a neighbor's tall grass. you will see the area during the eyes of greater than twenty intrepid pets, together with Coulee, a Border Collie–Golden Retriever combine from Alberta, Canada; Fritz, a tabby cat residing within the Ore Mountains of Germany; Walter and Hamlet, brother and sister miniature pot stomach pigs from San Diego; and Sofie, a Galloway cow, who spends her days roaming the hills of the Swiss Alps. This special and kooky assortment deals a peek into the wanderings of our animal buddies, and divulges how they adventure the area all of us proportion.

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ASTRO I’m on the seashore, or the seashore is at me, am I correct? Gimme a few sand, surf, somebody’s ft to sit down on, and a few peanut butter in my stomach, and that i bought myself an ideal day. I’m a scene stealer and a crowd pleaser. My photographs? they simply kinda happen—you can’t strength this stuff. i feel there’s a shark during this photograph. in the event you squint, you absolutely see a dorsal fin. Yep, completely a shark. (I dunno, might be I’ve been bingeing an excessive amount of on Shark Week. ) occasionally i am getting beautiful introspective, like i'm wondering: am i able to count number the entire grains of sand in this seashore? yet then I have in mind: I’m a puppy, and that i can’t count number. I don’t even recognize what sand is, dude. BOTTY Botty right here, with my oh-so-dreary assertion d’artiste. I achieve this love an exceptional photo: it's going to seize definite spirit, a definite I don’t comprehend what. I particularly imagine I’ve acquired an eye fixed for the quiet moments: a touch of solar via an open window or the country allure of suburban decay. relatively, even though, my muse is my sister, Miffy. She’s a little a ruffian, to be sincere, constantly toddling approximately below cars. i do know it’s hot below there, Miff, yet what approximately your coat? Here’s my sister, Miffy. I name this one “The Dullard Awaits. ” bad Miff. CASPER i used to be the tiniest one in my muddle, yet do you're thinking that capacity I’m slow-moving? Destined to be ignored? good, a few canines could stand for being known as a “runt,” yet no longer me, now not Casper from Germantown, no sir. you could name me an “alpha-runt. ” I look and disappear like a pleasant ghost, and that i roll deep with the large boys. i began capturing early in my younger existence and feature wowed all my puppy associates and human partners with my photographic panache. have a look. move forward and be wowed via a “runt. ” sizeable puppy will be jealous of my photo-taking chops, yet that’s unlikely to prevent me from licking her face. fowl My identify is “Chicken” simply because, frankly, it is helping me take note what i'm. not anything fallacious with that. I simply get stressed occasionally. you spot, i love to consume cat nutrients. That’s my favourite deal with. So I received to considering one day . . . perhaps I’m a cat? perhaps while i believe I’m announcing “cluck,” I’m relatively announcing “meow. ” It type of blew my brain. I freaked out. I ran round like a chook with its head . . . good, you get the assumption. So I became to artwork to aid me clear up this conundrum. My images displays this id predicament. Critics have referred to as my paintings very “feline. ” I take that as an excellent praise. COULEE the following in Canada we've wide-open areas, no clutter on our streets, a phase of our inhabitants that kind of speaks French, two-dollar cash, and the cultural legacy of SCTV. This all makes existence lovely solid, for people and canines alike. i believe my photos replicate that uncomplicated feel that every thing is completely, amazingly cool. I’m giving those sheep the “bum’s rush. ” My assertion at the inevitability of geopolitical clash. Who doesn’t get a thrill from gazing one other creature freshen up your individual poo? I’m preserving directly to this one for blackmail reasons. FIDA & LOLA it's a fact universally said, unmarried cow in ownership of a superb digicam has to be in wish of respectable photographic topics.

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