Pathfinder Module: The Ruby Phoenix Tournament

By Tim Hitchcock

  • Once each ten years, the cosmopolitan urban of Goka at the japanese beach of Tian Xia hosts the Ruby Phoenix match on an island within the city's harbor. notorious for its unusual spectacles and interesting mixture of combating types, the competition attracts opponents from world wide. Its winner will get his collection of a unmarried merchandise from the mythical treasury of an historic spellcaster. yet this 12 months, no longer all who've come to compete achieve this out of appreciate for the traditions of conflict or maybe out of greed for the gift. They search, as a substitute, not anything greater than revenge!
  • The Ruby Phoenix Tournament is a tournament-style Pathfinder Module designed for 11th-level characters, written for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and suitable with the 3.5 version of the world's oldest RPG. the journey serves as a terrific advent to the folks and combating kinds of the lands of the Dragon Empires.

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The results of those spells have already been factored into her stat block. in the course of strive against Ganyavesha prompts her ring of blinking and employs her mind-blowing cost revelation to maneuver concerning the battlefield and steer clear of assaults, consuming her potion of haste if she has the opportunity to extend her stream. She hopes to bring severe hits as usually as attainable to exploit the detailed skills of her kukri of lifestyles ingesting. Morale If diminished lower than 30 hit issues, Ganyavesha makes use of the most powerful therapeutic she has to be had, then devotes herself absolutely to taking down the closest objective in any respect bills, surrendering basically while lowered to five hit issues. Hidden catch Door (6) XP 1,200 every one CR four variety mechanical; belief DC 28; Disable gadget DC 28 results set off situation; Reset handbook influence 20-ft. drop from tower (2d6 falling damage); DC 20 Reflex avoids Treasure: If the computers defeat Ganyavesha, the Emissary awards them a +2 weapon of the GM’s selection. evening: Yon Loi’s Noodle apartment data Str 21, Dex 20, Con 20, Int eight, Wis 10, Cha 18 Base Atk +9; CMB +15; CMD 35 Feats strive against Casting, keep away from, additional Revelation, better Weapon concentration (kukri), more desirable severe (kukri), enhanced Initiative, Martial Weapon skillability, longevity, Weapon Finesse, Weapon concentration (kukri) talents Acrobatics +11, international relations +13, Intimidate +13, wisdom (history) +8, wisdom (religion) +8, conception +9, feel rationale +9, Spellcraft +8 Languages Aklo, Terran, Tien, Vudrani, tongues (understand basically) SQ oracle’s curse (tongues), revelations (battlefield readability 2/day, iron dermis 1/day, amazing cost 2/day, struggle sight, weapon mastery) Ganyavesha strive against equipment potions of healing critical wounds (2), potion of haste, wand of healing mild wounds; different equipment kukri of lifestyles stealing, masterwork dagger, belt of great dexterity +6, cloak of resistance +4, ring of blinking The 3rd evening after the desktops’ arrival is marked through much less job than both of the previous evenings, as there are neither respectable ceremonies hosted via the Ruby Phoenix match nor unofficial celebrations performed via the civilians or rivals at the island. everyone seems to be exhausted from 2 days of competing, and is taking a muchneeded holiday after the ultimate around of combating. regardless of the lull in stimulus for the computers, there are nonetheless a number of bits of reports they could observe at Yon Loi’s noodle residence should still they pass there for dinner or a drink following their bout with Ganyavesha. because the desktops procedure Yon Loi’s, they arrive throughout a bloodied and bruised Tian-La guy huddled at the facet of the trail to the noodle condo door. If the computers process him, he shies clear of them, muttering anything approximately no longer realizing what he used to be entering into. The desktops can calm him with an easy insurance that they suggest him no damage, at which element he introduces himself as Donguma (N male Tian-La commoner 2). He gladly stocks his woes with the desktops, detailing his contemporary run-in with a gang of Golden League enforcers who got here to assemble a debt from yesterday’s around of pageant.

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