Pathfinder Module: The Moonscar

By Richard Pett

  • To astronomers and stargazers, the weird light patch at the moon is called the Moonscar. Many theories abound as to the character of this unusual characteristic, but the fact is a terrifying legacy from the traditional previous. while a popular archeologist disappears whereas investigating an odd mountaintop smash, the adventurers needs to persist with the abductee via a mysterious portal right into a land of lunar insanity and demonic nightmare — for what scars Golarion's moon is a blight from the depths of the Abyss itself! This experience builds upon parts first brought in far-off Worlds and the ebook of the Damned II: Lords of Chaos, and contours demanding situations that might try the mettle of a bunch of 4 16th-level Pathfinder characters.
  • Written by way of fan-favorite Richard Pett (Carrion Hill, The Skinsaw Murders), The Moonscar is an experience for 16th-level characters, written for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and suitable with the 3.5 variation of the world’s oldest RPG. as well as the journey, this quantity additionally encompasses a brand-new monster and a gazetteer of a brand-new position on Golarion’s demon-haunted moon.

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Larger invisibility as their 4th-level spell. VAM P I RES (8) XP 6,400 each one hp 102 each one (Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 270) C R 17 B ETCEZ IA, T H E CORPU L E N T M I pressure XP 102,400 Fem a l e succubus va m p i re so rcerer n (Pathfinder RPG Bestiary sixty eight, 270) CE M e d i u m u n d ead (a ugm ented outsider, ch aotic, d e m o n , evi l , additional p l a n a r) I nit +n; Senses da rkvision 6o toes. , notice stable; conception +37 safety AC 31, to uch 18, flat-footed 23 (+7 Dex, +1 evade, +13 typical) hp 313 (19 H D; 8d8+nd6+239); quickly hea l i n g five fortress +18, Ref +18, Will +18 protective skills c h a n n e l resistance +4; DR 10jgood, magic, a n d si lver; I m mune e l ectricity, fi re, poison, u n useless characteristics; withstand acid 10, chilly 10; SR 28 Weaknesses va m p i re wea knesses CR nine OFFENSE E2. TH E CoRPULENT MisTRESs CCR 17 oR CR 18) velocity 30 toes. , fly so feet. (average) Melee 2 cl aws +21 (1d6+7/19-20 p l u s va m p i re strength d r a i n), s l a m +20 (1d4+7 p l u s va m p i re power d r a i n) precise assaults b l o o d d r a i n , c h i l d ren of t h e n i ght, create spawn, d o m i nate (DC 26), p rofa n e reward, s u ccu b u s e n e rgy d r a i n (2 l eve l s , DC 2S), va m p i re e n e rgy d r a i n (2 l eve l s , DC 30) Spell- Like talents (C L 12t h ; focus +23) consistent -detect solid, tongues At wi ll-charm monster (DC 27), realize strategies (DC 23), airy jaunt (self p l u s so l bs. of o bjects on ly), higher teleport (self plus so lbs. of gadgets on ly), recommendation (DC 26), vampiric contact 1jday-dom inate individual (DC 28), s u m m o n ( l eve l three, l b a b a u so%) Bloodline Spell- Like skills (CL nth; focus +22) 14/day-to uch of future (+s) Sorcerer Spells recognized (C L nth ; focus +22) sth (6/day) -break enchantm ent, carry monster ( D C 28), waves offatigue 4th (8/day) -bestow curse (DC 2s), crushing depression (DC 27), freedom of flow, higher invisibility three rd (9/day) -dispel magic, displacement, haste, lightn ing bolt (DC 24), defense from power second (9/day) -acid arrow, blur, darkness, eagle's elegance, defense from arrows, hot ray This expansive recta n g u l a r c h a m b e r is fi l led with bones, p i l es of rott i n g flesh, a n d swimming pools of stagn ant blood. an excellent m o u n d o f twisted, h a l f-devo u purple corpses rises from a n a lcove i n the n o rtheast co rner, stretc h i n g over h a l fway to the fifty-foot­ t a l l cei l i n g. o p e n passages lead out fro m t h e room's n o rtheastern a n d south jap corners, w h i l e a s i n g l e co l d i ron door presents egress a l o n g the south wa l l . The dirt that fills this room is so thick and so vile that the full zone is taken into account tough terrain. Any residing creature that enters the room needs to be successful at a DC 18 Fortitude store or turn into nauseated for 1d6 rounds from the stench of offal and rot. The open passages at the jap fringe of the room connect with each other through a doorless hallway. within the nook the place the passage turns north, the stone flooring features a sequence of small holes resulting in a cavity 10 ft under, within which the Corpulent Mistress retains her coffin, discoverable with a profitable DC 30 notion money.

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