Pathfinder Module: The Midnight Mirror

By Sam Zeitlin

  • In shadow-haunted Nidal, the denizens of the aircraft of Shadow intermingle with universal guy. Now everyone is disappearing, and it falls to the adventurers to forestall the fear. confronted with poor shadow creatures, an unruly mob of scared electorate, and an unpredictable creature of sunshine, can the heroes undo a grasping and uncaring noble's self-serving mistake?
  • The dead night Mirror is an experience for 4th-level characters, written for the Pathfinder Roleplaying video game and suitable with the 3.5 variation of the world’s oldest RPG. as well as the journey, this quantity additionally includes a brand-new monster and a gazetteer of a new place within the shadow-tainted state of Nidal.

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Due to their ties to the airplane of Shadow, fetchlings are proof against the results of tallowthroat, notwithstanding they generally act as companies; simply the town’s present procedure of fetchling segregation has avoided the unfold of the sickness to the whole city. in truth, it used to be the fetchling Sergyev, a groundskeeper at Baroi Manor, who first got here into touch with the sickness, which leaked into the fabric airplane in the course of the water within the manor’s courtyard fountain. Sergyev unfold the sickness to a number of different individuals of the family employees, and later round Karpad whilst Stepan fired all yet one of many fetchlings operating within the manor. live to tell the tale the manor grounds. the 1st the computers tend to meet is Laurentiu (LN male human professional 3), the manor’s majordomo. Laurentiu greets the computers on the door and ushers them within to A8 upon their point out of representing Anya’s relations in Nisroch. A stern guy with a graying beard, Laurentiu has darkish circles less than his eyes, and outdated age has prompted his once-proud face to crease with fear traces. If puzzled approximately his grasp or mistress, Laurentiu keeps the decorum required by way of his place and indicates the computers communicate on to the baron and baroness with any questions. A1. Antechamber: this massive antechamber is draped within the baron’s heraldry—a pink endure couchant opposed to a black sky with stars. graphics of dour-looking nobles line the partitions. towering statues flank the doorway, of stern males with lengthy directly hair. One incorporates a sword and is lacking his nostril; the opposite incorporates a whip and is lacking either ears. regardless of the broken statues, the antechamber is best maintained than lots of the manor. the 2 statues are of Geron and Dimar, mythical ancestors of the Boroi relatives from centuries earlier. A stairwell, hidden from view by way of a low wall upon which take a seat a couple of ornate undefined, leads right down to the manor’s basement. A2. eating Room: an enormous desk of darkish cherry wooden set with beautiful silver utensils and effective Tian porcelain dominates this formal eating room. If the desktops settle for the baron’s hospitality, Stepan expects them to sup right here each evening with Anya (the baron takes targeted nutrients by myself in his research, for worry of poison). A3. Kitchen: This room is abustle with task round the clock, and the manor’s cook dinner and her assistants works in overlapping 12-hour shifts to organize foodstuff for the baron and his relations. A4. Servants’ Quarters: those cramped bedrooms each one carry a bunk mattress, a modest cloth wardrobe, and a straightforward desk. whilst no longer on accountability, the manor’s servants are available right here, frequently slumbering, although they sometimes cram into one room for a online game of playing cards or to gossip. basically the southeastern room— reserved for Laurentiu, who oversees the manor’s different servants—features nicer furnishings and a unmarried individual mattress. apart from the majordomo, the servants like to gossip and fortunately talk about the city, the baron, or rumors (see the sidebar on web page 12) over playing cards. The servants like their grasp and adore their mistress. Stepan has continuously paid them good, yet he was once a chilly and significant lord.

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