Pathfinder Module: No Response From Deepmar

By Stephen S. Greer

  • The island penal mining colony of Deepmar off the north coast of Cheliax has supplied the infernal condominium of Thrune with a gradual provide of useful crystals for many years — yet now all touch with the island has ceased! despatched to the remoted island to enquire, the heroes needs to discover the eerily deserted mining colony and the encompassing island to find what sinister hazard has silenced the cost and interrupted the regular circulation of minerals from the colony’s mines. Can the heroes realize the reality at the back of the disappearance of the island’s population and get the wealthy assets of Deepmar flowing to the mainland back, or will they, too, vanish, by no means to be heard from again?
  • No reaction From Deepmar is a dungeon and wasteland exploration Pathfinder Module designed for 8th-level characters, written for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and suitable with the 3.5 version of the world's oldest RPG. the journey incorporates a specific gazetteer of a penal mining colony to be used within the Pathfinder crusade environment or any myth roleplaying world.

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40-foot-tall towers flank the gate resulting in the docks and one other pair flanks the gate to the island’s inside. in the partitions, lengthy, easy structures condo the miners and the guards. different simple constructions serve a variety of services, with the paid employees booking use of the few nicer structures for themselves. four No reaction from Deepmar not anything misplaced sooner than the derro incursion, the colony used to be run through Captain Elgin Ashferth (see web page 25), whose own politics angry his more suitable officials and landed him the following as punishment. His employees incorporated a dozen guards turned around as soon as per week from Vyre and Kintargo, a couple of chefs, a blacksmith, and a medic to are inclined to the miners’ day-by-day wounds from the pointy crystals they mine as well as seeing to their total well-being. After the miners lower back from Dig website Caina, Gravvik and his derro minions crept into the colony in the course of the tunnel they'd dug up into the backyard. They took down a number of guards ahead of an alarm used to be raised. within the resulting skirmish, Gravvik effectively charmed Captain Ashferth. The colonists who weren't killed outright have been subdued and brought underground to the derros’ lair. one of many chefs that the derros captured ultimately escaped and again to the colony, notwithstanding she has no reminiscence of the development, and just a obscure feeling that whatever terrible has occurred (see A4). Derros are obsessive of their wish to steer clear of detection through floor dwellers. notwithstanding the colony is very remoted, they nonetheless visit nice lengths to go away no signal in their presence while venturing onto the skin international. all through this event, until another way famous, the computers’ research of the colony and mines exhibits no proof of whatever being extra misplaced than if the colonists had easily laid their instruments down, received up from foodstuff or different actions, and easily walked away. Any messes made through the conflicts were wiped clean up and again to their right order—plates and utensils conscientiously prepared at tables, alternatives and shovels left well at the flooring, books opened to the place they have been being learn, and so forth. whilst the colony was once attacked, the protect during this tower received off 3 pictures from his crossbow earlier than he was once overpowered through the derros. The derros have been not able to take away the bloodstain that had soaked into the wooden and easily weren’t fascinated about the lacking crossbow bolts. A1. Gates and partitions either gates are 20 ft tall and include 3-inch-thick crisscrossed iron bars, functioning as large double doorways with a major locking mechanism within the middle the place the 2 doorways attach. A Diminutive creature might squeeze via with a DC 30 get away Artist payment. After the derros attacked the colony and charmed Captain Ashferth, he locked either gates earlier than leaving with them, and nonetheless contains the keys. The wood palisade surrounding the colony is made up of 1-foot-thick strengthened bushes and handled with a slick resin, making it tough to climb. Colony Gates: hardness 10, hp 30, holiday DC 30, Climb DC 25, Disable gadget DC 30 wood Palisade: hardness five, hp one hundred twenty, holiday DC forty, Climb DC 28 A3.

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