Pathfinder Module: From Shore to Sea (Pathfinder Modules)

  • The rustic people of Blackbeach have stored their cursed history mystery for millions of years — they're pureblooded scions of misplaced Azlant, the sunken continent around the western sea, whose bloodline ultimately reasons them to remodel into sea-folk and obey a wierd underwater entity. a neighborhood sorcerer attempting to medication his humans has woke up a negative evil, locked away in a close-by Azlanti damage for hundreds of thousands of years. Now the villagers are speedily devolving into fishlike monsters and listening to a telepathic name they can't refuse. Can the heroes keep the villagers and forestall the traditional abomination sooner than it escapes to avenge itself?
  • An aquatic dungeon experience for 6th-level Pathfinder Roleplaying Game characters.

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A DC 15 feel rationale money finds her coy deception—following the customized of the caretakers of Blackcove’s souls, Lira isn't dedicated to a unmarried god, on condition that the villagers’ ideals are as fickle because the tides. Nicolaius Gavendi, constable (LN male human ranger 4): An getting older, gruesome guy with distorted gains and a prepared shipman’s awl tucked in his belt, he's the town’s constable. If approached, he whistles with arched brows, appearing ingenuous and acquainted with the get together, as though this is often simply one other day at sea. “Bah! terrible seize back! anything stirs the deeps, and the fish flee in worry! We haven’t had catches this bad in years! ” he's cautious of exposing the village’s plight and loath to disclose their issues, blaming the placement on desertions as a result of the negative catches. If pressed, or if the data won from Adler is published, Nicolaius snorts and invitations the characters to the lighthouse meeting. He unearths not anything else, neither confirming nor denying what the computers think. A1. The Ruined Wharf Haphazardly balanced upon rickety wood stilts, lengthy docks stretch out from the village and protrude into the waves. One dock ends at a dilapidated shack and turns out able to fall into the ocean. This pier and the deserted tavern at its a long way finish are nearly able to cave in. Tied to the pilings are numerous ropes, pulled tightly into the water by means of the load of sunken boats under. jogging at the rotted dock is harmful, and any characters relocating quicker than five ft according to around needs to make a DC 12 Reflex keep or fall throughout the planks for 1d6+2 issues of wear. If the characters traverse the wharf to the tavern and seek the battered constitution, they locate 1d4 bottles of preserved brandy that predate the ascension of the home of Thrune, worthy 20 gp every one. Lingering desktops are approached via a number of returning fishermen, led by means of Nicolaius. Gervus A2. The Lighthouse This implementing constitution rests on a jagged stretch of rock that juts out numerous hundred toes from shore. The crashing waves have worn away so much of its paint, but the lighthouse gleams a grimy bone white opposed to the darkish cliffs of the cove. huge home windows punctuate the cardinal instructions at the moment ground, and the head tale glows with a vibrant crimson mild of evidently arcane beginning. outfitted to ward ships clear of the risks of the sunken spires in those shallow waters, sailors name this lighthouse the pink Eye of Asmodeus. the 3 dozen nervous electorate who stay in Blackcove have fled the following for his or her personal security, venturing out purely to assemble mussels, pay homage on the shrine, and scavenge for offers. The reduce tale of the lighthouse is 50 toes in diameter and damp with gathered swimming pools of seawater. A rusted staircase rises 15 ft to the ground above. the following, blankets, cots, and makeshift beds absorb everything of the 40-foot-diameter flooring, the place the villagers have taken shelter for nearly four days, following the final assault. The stairway keeps one other 15 ft to the head of the lighthouse, the place a 5-foot-wide walkway encircles the magically blazing gentle enclosure.

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