Pathfinder Module E2: Blood Of Dragonscar

By Keith Baker

  • None visit Dragonscar! The legends communicate of the traditional beast acknowledged to live in the volcanic quarter, and even supposing few have obvious the strong dragon of past due, these legends are adequate to ward idle explorers away. but now, thunder shakes the nation-state and hearth stains the sky — the dragon of Dragonscar is unsleeping, and all who oppose him shall burn!
  • This event, written by means of Eberron writer Keith Baker, is designed for a celebration of 15th-level characters.

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If she fears for her lifestyles and utilizing her breath weapon may well keep her (especially if there are a number of enemies within the cone’s area), she breathes no matter if it's going to have an effect on her hoard. Treasure: +1 arrows (89); +1 battleaxe (5); +1 chainmail (8); +3 huge metal arrow deflection safeguard; +1 longsword (5); pearl of energy (3rd level); strand of prayer beads; tome of transparent suggestion +1; wand of medication average wounds (34 charges); 4,181 gp; 46,368 sp; 75,025 cp; 2,584 gp worthy of gem stones (amethyst, diamond, and obsidian). West Balcony The dragon prefers the east balcony to this one, but when the computers method from the slender tunnel, she could use her breath weapon on them (as it’s a directly shot south) or block the north front so that they are pressured to struggle singlefile. not at all does she voluntarily input the small room on the backside of the steps, because it is simply too effortless for her to be flanked or trapped there. She has the north finish of the tunnel-ramp to this balcony “blocked” with an illusory wall. North Balcony huge pits of everburning magical fireplace offer shadowy illumination for this complete quarter, adequate to make the dragon’s heap of treasure sparkle. The fires are scorching (4d6 fireplace harm for getting into the fireplace, Reflex DC 15 or seize on fireplace for 1d6 hearth harm in step with around thereafter). except the goods she wears, all of Horranath’s hoard is within the treasure pile. Horranath preferentially assaults ambitions in this balcony, specially in the event that they dare to the touch Horranath CR 18 lady mature grownup crimson dragon CE large dragon (fire) Init +4; Senses darkvision a hundred and twenty toes. low-light imaginative and prescient (4× human normal), blindsense 60 toes. ; hear +32, Spot +32 security AC 34, contact 10, flat-footed 34 27 module e2 (+2 deflection, +24 ordinary, –2 dimension) hp 312 (25d12+150); speedy therapeutic 10 (if flying) fortress +20 (+25 if flying), Ref +14 (+19 if flying), Will +18 (+23 if flying) protective skills evasion; DR 10/magic (15/— if flying); Immune hearth, paralysis, sleep; SR 23 (30 if flying); weak point chilly vulnerability (+50% fireplace harm) grab, Wingover abilities Appraise +18, Bluff +18, focus +34, international relations +22, break out Artist +14, Intimidate +34, wisdom (dungeoneering) +18, wisdom (geography) +18, bounce +39, seek +32, experience intent +18, Spellcraft+18 Languages universal, Draconic strive against equipment necropyre crystal (automatic while flying), wand of better invisibility (10 charges); different equipment ring of evasion, ring of defense +2 OFFENSE Spd forty toes. , fly one hundred fifty toes. (poor) Melee chunk +34 (2d8+11) and a pair of claws +32 (2d6+5) and a pair of wings +32 (1d8+5) and tail slap +32 (2d6+16) or overwhelm +34 (2d8+16 plus Reflex DC 28 or pinned), basically opposed to Small or smaller goals area 15 toes. ; succeed in 10 toes. (15 feet. with chew) distinct assaults breath weapon (50-ft. cone, 14d10 hearth plus particular, DC 28), frightful presence Spell-Like skills (CL ninth) 7/day—locate item Spells recognized (CL ninth) 4th (5/day)—fire safeguard, illusory wall third (7/day)—displacement, haste, safeguard from strength second (6/day)—desecrate*, invisibility, safeguard from arrows, face up to strength 1st (7/day)—disguise self, expeditious retreat, magic missile, defend, silent snapshot zero (6/day)—arcane mark, dancing lighting fixtures, notice magic, mage hand, mending, open/ shut, prestidigitation, learn magic *Cast each day in her lair.

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