Pathfinder Module: City of Golden Death (Pathfinder Modules) by Frost, Joshua J. (2010) Paperback

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In the course of wrestle Iramine starts off wrestle through casting net, through ice hurricane and f ireball. She makes use of her arcane bonded ring to solid an extra ice hurricane later within the conflict. If compelled into melee strive against, Iramine makes use of important Strike along with her curve blade. Morale If she is lowered to fewer than 30 hit issues, Iramine makes use of the jewel of eternal gold (see web page 30) to remodel herself right into a large hearth elemental. Iramine then fights to the dying. Base facts with no her spells, Iramine has the next records: AC 19, contact thirteen, flat-footed sixteen; hp sixty one; no pass over likelihood data Str sixteen, Dex sixteen, Con 12, Int 14, Wis 10, Cha eight 27 module Kassen’s Boon the molten gold—how they get above the gold line, and the way they care for the warmth and coffee oxygen degrees within the aftermath of the flood, for instance. the good treasures in the urban of Golden demise may additionally end up an excessive amount of of a temptation for a few teams, and they'd now not are looking to hand the amulet again to Reginar—or to return to Tamran or Kassen in any respect. If the desktops remain within the urban, they have to nonetheless deal with the flood of molten gold. in the event that they depart the town, making plans to come after the flood has run its direction, the desktops become aware of that the foremost can merely open the town as soon as each 10 years. as soon as the town floods, the gates shut, and so they can't be opened back for a decade. furthermore, should still the desktops no longer go back the amulet, Reginar hires one other adventuring team to seek down the desktops ( simply as they hunted Iramine) and get well the most important to the town. If the desktops make this selection, Reginar and the Pathfinder Cygar in Kassen develop into enemies of the desktops and chase them to the ends of Golarion. Assuming the desktops are winning in reclaiming the amulet and go back to the seashore at castle touchdown in time, they could go back to Tamran at the Black Mist. in the event that they took longer than 10 days, Captain Walren has back to Tamran and believes the computers are lifeless. thankfully, shrewdpermanent desktops may possibly do not forget that Iramine and her cultists had a boat besides. If the computers seek the coast round fortress touchdown, they could locate Iramine’s send, the Witch’s Foot, anchored in a hidden cove five miles north of citadel touchdown. The ship’s group is nowhere to be obvious, although facts indicates they have been carried off to the island’s inside through a band of lizardfolk a number of days in the past. Rescuing the staff can make for an attractive part trek in the event that your avid gamers are looking to remain at the Isle of Terror for a number of extra days of adventuring. If the group isn’t rescued, one of many desktops wishes a few kind of crusing ability to pilot the flat-bottomed riverboat again throughout Lake Encarthan to Tamran. The computers can both go back to Tamran and quit the amulet to Reginar or take the amulet to Kassen themselves. in the event that they return to Tamran, Reginar asks them to accompany him again to Kassen, and so they board the Black Mist one final time for the adventure to Kassen. In both case, whilst the computers go back to Kassen, they're greeted by means of Cygar and welcomed domestic as nice heroes. the complete city seems for a banquet of their honor, and day after today, Cygar and Reginar lead the computers and several other of the town’s key voters again to the Crypt of the Everflame.

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