Pathfinder Module: Carrion Hill

By Richard Pett

  • Dark horror stalks the streets of Carrion Hill, the strangest and so much debased urban within the star-crossed gothic horror state of Ustalav. Following the once-forgotten directions of an old eldritch ritual, a cabal of villains conjured up a creature of negative energy within the ruined catacombs of the town. placing a cease to the abomination potential facing the cabal one after the other, from its weakest devotee to its such a lot powerful darkish grasp.
  • A darkish city horror experience for 5th-level Pathfinder Roleplaying Game characters, Carrion Hill brings Lovecraftian horror to the sport desk and irreparable psychic harm for your participant characters.

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The occasions of this event should still commence in advance of the desktops arrive within the urban (if they’re no longer already demonstrated within the city), in order that as they come, the decision for adventures despatched out by means of Lord Garus may be one of the first issues they listen at the streets. because the experience starts, city criers and the city’s watch (a crew referred to as the Crows) alike supply cry, calling for adventurers to report back to the city corridor as follows. It slew of the 5 keepers earlier than the others fled to the streets of Carrion Hill above, leaving the monster absolute to the traditional altar stone of the Sunless Grove—or so the cultists was hoping. In eating of the 5 who had summoned it, the spawn started to get well its misplaced strength and energy. In an issue of days, it had grown strong sufficient to beat the feeble bindings that held it to the altar stone, and now it hungers for the remainder 3 cultists. If it could possibly locate them and feed upon their our bodies and souls, it's going to regain its misplaced strength and extra, and may ultimately have the capacity to whole the dire summoning of its otherworldly father, Yog-Sothoth, that it all started see you later ago—a summoning that will lead to the deaths of hundreds of thousands. “Carrion Hill wishes heroes! males of stout center and bravado are requested to return to Crown Manor with all haste, there to obtain a job worthwhile in their ability and skills and a present of compatible beauty. Make haste to Crown Manor! Make haste! ” experience Synopsis Crown of Rags while the spawn of Yog-Sothoth escapes from the Sunless Grove, it surfaces in Carrion Hill in a house owned via one of many (now lifeless) Keepers of the Oldest, whereupon because the heroes go through the streets of Carrion Hill, emphasize that regardless of how densely packed the structures four Carrion Hill are and the way good worn the streets can be, the town turns out all yet deserted—even the crows so usually visible perching atop eaves and gables have taken wing and circle within the air above calling out in worry. The skies are darkish and overcast, and rain begins to fall because the desktops close to Crown Manor. Play up this strangeness—shops are closed or even the beggars appear to be hiding. Rain keeps to fall seriously all through this adventure—make absolute to describe the rain-drenched streets and the rivers of water that run down the critical gutters within the roads in the course of the urban. because the desktops process Crown Manor, Crows, guardsmen wearing black leather-based armor and chains wielding bows and longswords, stand protect. once they see adventurers process, their somber expressions flicker with desire they usually wave for the desktops to go into the manor and stick to them, dripping and rainy, into the important corridor. Upon their arrival, the computers quickly detect why the guards are Mayor so thankful—the occasions that experience opened up up to now have despatched the majority of Carrion Hill’s self-styled “adventurers” into hiding. within the nice corridor, a number of contributors of the Crows stand shield whereas the mayor, a distracted and apprehensive guy named Vanton Heggry, sits in a tall-backed chair; except the computers, there seem to be no different adventurers current.

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