Pathfinder Module: Academy of Secrets (Pathfinder Modules)

By Brian Cortijo

  • Every 12 months the professors on the Acadamae, Korvosa's prestigious tuition of arcane artwork, host the Breaching competition, the place the city's such a lot expert infiltrators are invited to attempt to infiltrate the college, checking out their good fortune opposed to the university's scholars, otherworldly guardians, and lethal traps for an opportunity at a fortune in gold and magical treasure. This yr, your heroes quantity between these invited to check the defenses of a brand new new release of Acadamae apprentices, yet whatever greater than the promise of repute and riches calls out from the university's inner most sanctum, and this year's pageant supplies to be the deadliest trial the college has ever known!
  • Academy of Secrets is a Pathfinder Roleplaying video game adventure for 13th-level characters. It contains a gigantic magical college teeming with sorcerous traps, bizarre puzzles, diabolical monsters, and numerous scholars and professors trapped in an online of arcane deceit. Academy of secrets and techniques also incorporates a new monster and information on Korvosa's Academae, Golarion's most famed university of magic. like every Pathfinder Modules, Academy of Secrets is a 32-page high quality, full-color experience that comes with colour maps and 4 pre-made characters so gamers can bounce correct into the action.

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He turns out worried approximately partaking within the Breaching, less profitable its prize. while he makes eye touch with someone, he smiles extensively, exhibiting his ideal tooth, yet is disinclined to speak to somebody approximately something, who prefer to maintain to himself. A “freelance thief,” he hoped (perhaps a bit of naively) that Korvosa’s thieves’ guild, the Cerulean Society, wouldn’t have a presence on the Breaching. whilst he discovered Illia Ean was once competing, he all started having moment options. greater than a bit paranoid, Fatmire thinks that anybody who takes too prepared an curiosity in him is secretly operating for the Cerulean Society. His nerves get the higher of him past due within the evening, and he abandons the competition fullyyt, slinking again into the slums of outdated Korvosa rather than exhibiting up within the morning. Illia Ean (CN lady human rogue 13): Korvosa’s thieves’ guild, the Cerulean Society, has a longstanding open invitation from the Acadamae to ship one (and in simple terms CR 12 hp 137 (Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 234, 294) improvement: If the desktops revive Seska, she thank you them profusely and shamefully admits her mistake in trying to summon this type of robust creature by myself. She states that she had was hoping to provoke a fellow scholar along with her skill to bind a retriever, and likewise admits to stealing the scroll he utilized in the try. except the computers interfere with a few first-class international relations rolls made on her behalf, Toff is enraged on the student’s silly act. He not just has Seska punished, yet has her fined for 3 occasions the cost of the stolen scroll to hide its loss in addition to any harm performed to 7 ® ™ spent so much of his time relocating from one gang to a different, one) member to take part within the Breaching competition. The constantly operating as a thug or muscle. He’s at the moment Acadamae protection appreciates this “free” trying out in their “between gangs,” yet controlled to safe a call for participation defenses, and the Cerulean Society might dearly like to to this festival after spending more cash than declare the prize cash. Guildmaster Boule doesn’t ship a he’s cozy wondering on bribes. Neither style consultant to the pageant each year—but this 12 months he nor clever, Knur has yet one motivation within the sends Illia Ean. competition—to get the gold. He has a viselike grip Illia is a slender, homely Varisian girl with brown hair (hence his nickname) to compliment his prepared skill to learn that appears like it’s been self-cut through a lifeless knife and not using a humans. He crushingly shakes the desktops’ palms once they reflect. Her nostril has been damaged greater than as soon as in her meet, yet differently says not anything to them. thieving, yet she’s either smart and speedy, and makes particularly a Knur’s function within the event is as an item lesson. Take solid dwelling at her career conveniently. She clothes in loosepains to offer him as a difficult, able, no-nonsense becoming outfits, and consists of herself like person who is aware her personality who turns out to imagine that he can tackle any manner round a struggle. problem. while he will get taken out of the competition regardless of her basic dislike of most folks, Illia early on, his death can help you to force house is well mannered sufficient to answer questions.

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