Pathfinder Chronicles Adventure: The Pact Stone Pyramid

By Michael Kortes

  • Return to the deserts of Osirion during this pulse-pounding sequel to Paizo’s best-selling Entombed with the Pharaohs!
  • The motion begins within the oppressive empire of Cheliax, the place the heroes find a map to an historical pharaonic treasure known as the Pact Stone carved into the chest of a summoned satan. From there it’s a race pitting adventurers opposed to evil archaeologists within the depths of a barren region tomb devoted to the traditional pharaohs of Osirion. in simple terms the key of the Pact Stone Pyramid can cease the rival archaeologists from bobbing up as glossy pharaohs of unlimited strength. Can the heroes negotiate a tomb jam-packed with lethal traps in time?
  • A Pathfinder Chronicles experience compatible for 8th-level participant characters.

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After looking at them from the scrying pool in quarter 17, he makes use of modify self to imagine human shape, then teleports simply out of sight of the computers in order that he may possibly stroll towards them. additional time* bag of keeping sort I 1 around bag of maintaining variety II 2 rounds bag of keeping sort III five rounds bag of maintaining sort IV 7 rounds moveable gap or rope trick 10 rounds *If used on or ahead of around 12. If used after around 12 yet ahead of around 15, halve this additional time (minimum 0). After around 15, the thing buys no time beyond regulation. All cash cease doubling if faraway from the room (including in extradimensional areas) and start halving their volume (extradimensional areas aren’t a lot filling with cash as supplying a “drain” the place they could fade away to nothingness). in simple terms the unique coin has an enduring life, and whether it is faraway from the room the doubling ends and all copied cash commence their halving approach until eventually all of them vanish. this suggests if the desktops flow An older guy wearing an ankle-length gray costume slowly walks towards you. He includes a bone scroll case in his left hand and a lit, black tallow candle in his correct. Suekahn’s candle is a candle of fact, and he attempts to get inside of five ft in order that its results support him gauge the computers’ responses to his inquiry. At this level he has just a unmarried, if really nerve-racking, query: “Tell me, do you might have a clergyman between you who can bring up the lifeless? ” Suekahn’s wish is if the computers have a cleric of adequate energy, he can come up with the money for to kill them a number of occasions, getting toward the kill-total he wishes for his freedom. If the desktops resolution “Yes” and if he believes them, he nods approvingly and teleports away. If 15 module J4 a collection of skinny pipes that interconnect the pyramid’s separate degrees. The 4 Pharaohs used the tubes to arrive the Pact Stone lower than after they again every year to resume their pact at Aucturn’s ascendancy. 8A. Vapor Pool: This pool of magical mist includes as much as 10 doses of a potion of gaseous shape whilst complete. The pool progressively refills at a cost of one dose every week. it's attainable to fill empty flasks or canteens with the liquid and take them alongside. The vapor services as a regular potion, even as soon as open air of the pyramid. 8B. The Tubes: The tubes resonate whilst vapor passes alongside its size, sounding just like a truly deep horn. touring from the most point to the Pact Stone point at a pace of 10 creates the person notes of a tune because the tubes flip and twist. A winning DC 20 functionality or bardic wisdom cost identifies the melancholic song as “Ankana’s Lament,” a self-indulgent story a couple of nice chief who voluntarily sacrifices a part of her energy for the great of her humans. The tubes additionally hook up with the Throne point and a hidden go out out of the pyramid (see 8C below). despite the fact that, touring in any path or path except from the most point to the Pact Stone point (or at a unique velocity than 10) ends up in an off-key tone that resonates through the pyramid and indicators Suekahn accurately as to the place the computers are headed.

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