Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics

The clinical application of those vital court cases used to be prepared to hide many of the box of neutrino physics. In mild of the fast development of curiosity inspired by means of new attention-grabbing effects from the sphere, greater than 1/2 the papers provided listed below are regarding the neutrino mass and oscillations, together with atmospheric and sun neutrino experiences. Neutrino mass and oscillations might indicate the lifestyles of a mass scale many orders of magnitudes better than awarded in present physics and should most likely consultant scientists past the normal version of particle physics.

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This result's acquired after using a history correction to a pattern of 246 quasi-elastic neutrino applicants. due to the fact that our occasion popularity and particle misidentification are varied from these of the water Cerenkov experiments we might no longer inevitably anticipate to degree an identical worth of R. The likelihood of a statistical fluctuation from a real price of one. zero to R=0. sixty four or under is under four x 10 -3. autonomous analyses were performed which money the contained occasion choice, taste decision, and heritage correction approaches of our major research. This dimension is in reliable contract with the formerly released end result from this scan, in addition to the consequences from the water Cerenkov experiments. A 'high-resolution' pattern of occasions has been pointed out which has the potential of precision directional measurements. initial symptoms from this pattern point out strong healthy to v~, ---+ ur might be bought with Am 2 = 10 -2 eV 2 and sin~(20) = 1. Acknowledgements We recognize the aid of the U. S. division of power, the nation and college of Minnesota and the U. okay. Particle Physics and Astronomy examine Council. we might additionally wish to thank: the Minnesota division of typical assets for permitting us to exploit the Soudan Underground Mine country Park; the employees of the Park, quite Park Managers D. Logan, P. Wannarka and J. Essig, for his or her each day help; and Messrs B. Anderson, J. Beaty, G. Benson, D. Carlson, J. Eininger, J. Meier and W. Miller of the Soudan Mine group. REFERENCES Kamiokande Collaboration: okay. S. Hirata el al. , Phys. Lett. B 205 (1988) 416. Kamiokande Collaboration: ok. S. Hirata el al. , Phys. Lett. 2. three. four. five. 6. 7. eight. nine. 10. ll. B 280 (1992) 146. Kamiokande Collaboration: Y. Fukuda et al. , Phys. Lett. B 335 (1994) 237. IMB Collaboration" D. Casper et al. , Phys. Rev. Lett. sixty six (1991) 2561. IMB Collaboration: R. Becker-Szendy et al. , Phys. Rev. D forty six (1992) 3720. SuperKamiokande Collaboration: Y. Fukuda et al. , Physl Rev. Lett. eighty one (1998) 1562. NUSEX Collaboration: M. Aglietta et al. , Europhys. Lett. eight (1989) 611. Frejus Collaboration: okay. Daum et al. , Z. Phys. C sixty six (1995) 417. Soudan 2 Collaboration: W. W. M. Allison et al. , Phys. Lett. B 391 (1997) 491. Soudan 2 Collaboration: W. W. M Allison et al. , Nucl. Instrum. tools A 376 (1996) 36. Soudan 2 Collaboration: W. W. M Allison et al. , Nucl. Instrum. equipment A 381 (1996) 385. W. P. Oliver et al. , Nucl. Instrum. tools A 276 (1989) 371. H. Gallagher, Neutrino Oscillation Searches with the Soudan 2 Detector, PhD Thesis, college of Minnesota (1996). H. Tom et al. 'Search for Neutrino Oscillation results utilizing Neutrino Zenith attitude and L/E Distributions in Soudan 2', inner Memo PDK-699, March 1998. mm[q! ~,~. a. *-rJ. '1[a. '~ ELSEVIER Nuclear Physics B (Proc. Suppl. ) seventy seven (1999) 11%122 complaints supplementations Atmospheric neutrino caused muons within the MACRO detector F. Ronga (for the MACRO collaboration) INFN Laboratori N azionali di Frascati, P. O. field thirteen 1-00044 Frascati Italy A size of the flux of neutrino-induced muons utilizing the MACRO detector is gifted.

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