Mystery of the White Lions: Children of the Sun God

By Linda Tucker

This is Linda Tucker’s firsthand account of her trip into the mysteries of the main sacred animal at the African continent: the mythical White Lion. This ebook unearths the information and ceremonies of previous Africa and the overpowering love that has pushed her each motion to save lots of those excellent beasts, opposed to bold odds. . . .

After being rescued from a life-threatening stumble upon with lions within the Timbavati online game quarter by means of a medication girl often called the “Lion Queen,” Linda launched into a trip into the mysteries of the White Lion. it's a mystical trip into the data and ceremonies of previous Africa, during which people and lions may be able to pass the species barrier—in accordance with the main guarded secrets and techniques of historical Egypt and humankind’s maximum riddle, the sphinx.

Scientists in our day have proven that humankind’s most important evolutionary bounce happened because of our ancestors’ interplay with nice cats. The White Lion is a genetic rarity of Panthera leo, and happened in exactly one area on the earth: Timbavati. at the present time White Lions shape the heart of the infamous “canned” trophy searching industry—hand-reared captive lions, shot in enclosures for gross sums of cash. against this, shamans think that killing a “lion sunlight god” is the last word sacrilege. How the human species treats such beneficial symbols of God in nature could confirm how nature treats the human species.

       Whether we view them as prophetic “Lions of God” or just as infrequent genetic mutations, the tale of the White Lions is a real legend unfolding in our personal amazing times.

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The secret is actually a key image – for this can be the way in which we're meant to view the ankh, which normally seems to be within the hand of Horus while he's in his hawk-headed half-human shape as Re-Horakhti. It additionally looks within the hand of Horus’s girl opposite numbers Bast, Hathor, and Sekhmet. 12 back, it seems that within the hand of Orion, while it truly is depicted as a constellation, one pointed out with Osiris, the sacrificial Christlike God and father of Horus. most crucial, for our personal attention of non secular evolution, it seems that within the hand of the pharaoh himself. The last-mentioned might be of specific importance to us as evolving people simply because, of all these figures pointed out, the pharaoh by myself is mortal – or half mortal and half god, a human embodiment of the god Horus, whose godliness finally achieves its apotheosis in an ascension to the celebrities. If we're meant to think again the non secular facets of the evolutionary bounce that our species as soon as made in a former Ice Age, it moves me that the major may possibly lie within the fingers of the pharaohs of previous, these lion kings of Egypt pointed out without delay with the nice Sphinx of Giza. It additionally lies within the fingers of the fans of Horus, a mysterious lineage of priestly initiates believed to were custodians of the knowledge of the Sphinx. fans of Horus In Egypt, I carried with me my newest photograph of Credo Mutwa: in complete ceremonial regalia, making a song the praises of the White Lion within the Johannesburg Zoo. After listening to my descriptions of the lion and eagle initiatory rituals enacted through this African lion-eagle priest and the nice wisdom that he carried, Adrian Gilbert pointed out direct parallels with the fans of Horus, the guardians of old wisdom who have been depicted embellished in star-spangled lion regalia. As I followed the archeoastronomers round the sacred Egyptian websites, I observed within the arms of engraved depictions of Horus and his “Followers” the emblem that hung as a centerpiece one of the monstrous relics on Mutwa’s chest: the ankh. once more, it appeared, my lion shaman good friend was once a kind of decide on people who held the main to non secular evolution. It struck me as hugely major that the course towards ascension of the pharaoh’s soul corresponded heavily with the four-fold idea of initiation of the lion shamans of Africa. From the tales Mutwa had instructed me, and from the little i actually were proven in terms of initiation, i started to spot what this key signified. Mutwa’s money owed of his trial as an start up, buried neck-deep within the flooring with predators sniffing his face, or hiding for days at a time in a trench hoping to trap the feathers of an exceptional poultry of prey, gave me an concept of the character of this spiritualizing strategy. the most important used to be to beat worry. this is often good illustrated via the tale of the Horus king, the hero. Horus heroically avenges his father Osiris’s loss of life by the hands of his evil brother, Set, and battles with a variety of monsters. thirteen Having taken on human and leonine attributes, the hawk-headed Horus, in my interpretation, involves contain the serpent identification.

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