MAQTAL AL-HUSAIN : Martyrdom Epic of Imam Al-Husain

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Author Abd al Razzaq al-Muqarram

This e-book is just relating the Karbala tragedy, for it definitely is the best of all tragedies, the main momentous of all catastrophes that took place the Progeny of the selected One (S). The sequence of mess ups that followed the march undertaken by way of strength by means of the contributors of the home of Revelation from Medina to Iraq, then to Syria, can cause anyone's center to swell and bleed. the wonderful Imams (‘a) used to continuously urge their fans to not fail to remember it and to do every little thing they can to maintain it alive of their reminiscence asserting, “Keep our reason alive! might Allah have mercy on whoever retains our reason alive!”

Author's released Books:

1. Zayd al-Shahid (biography)

2. Al-Mukhtar Ibn ‘Ubayd al-Thaqafi (critique and study)

3. Sayyida Sukayna (research)

4. Maqtal al-Husain (‘a) (history publication and research)

5. Al-iddiqa Fatima (‘a) (biography)

6. Imam Zayn al-’Abidin (‘a) (biography)

7. Imam al-Riďa (‘a) (biography)

8. Imam al-Jawad (‘a) (biography)

9. Qamar Bani Hashim: al-’Abbas (‘a) (biography)

10. ‘Ali al-Akbar (‘a) (biography)

11. Al-Shahid Muslim Ibn ‘Aqil (biography)

12. Sirr al-Iman fil Shahada al-Thalitha (events and study)

13. Yawm al-Arba’yin ‘indal-Husain (dissertation) (altruism and expressions of compliance)

14. Al-Muadarat fil Fiqh al-Ja’fari (commentary and study of a e-book through Sayyid ‘Ali al-Shahrudi)

B. Introductions and Prefaces for Legacy Books:

15. Dala'il al-Imama (by Ibn Jarir al-Tabari al-Imami)

16. Al-Amali (by Shaikh al-Mufid Muhammad Ibn Muhammad Ibn al-Nu’man al-’Ukbari)

17. Al-Khasa’is (by al-Sayyid al-Rai)

18. Al-Malaim (by Sayyid Ahmad Ibn Tawus)

19. Farat al-Ghari (by Sayyid ‘Abdul-Karim Ibn Tawus)

20. Ithbat al-Waiyya (by al-Mas’udi)

21. Al-Kashkul (by Sayyid Hayder Ibn ‘Ali al-’Ubaydi al-Husaini al-’Amili)

22. Bisharat al-Muafa (by ‘Imad ad-Din al-Tabari al-’Amili) (commentaries and remarks)

23. Al-Jamal (by Shaikh al-Mufid) (commentaries)

C. His Manuscripts:

1. Al-Munqith al-Akbar - a research

2. Al-Hasan Ibn ‘Ali (‘a) - a research

3. ‘Ashura fil Islam - a critique and a heritage book

4. Al-A’yad fil Islam - a historical past book

5. Thikra al-Ma’soomeen (some of its volumes are in print) - a background book

6. Zainab al-Aqila (peace be upon her) - a biography

7. Maytham al-Tammar (dissertation) - a biography

8. Abu Tharr al-Ghifari (dissertation) - a biography

9. ‘Ammar Ibn Yasir (dissertation) - a biography

10. Naql al-Amwat fil Fiqh al-Islami - a research

11. Naqd al-Tarikh fi Masa’il Sitt - a study and an analysis

12. alq al-Liya - a critique

13. Dirasat fil Fiqh wal Tarikh - a learn and an research of traditions

14. Raba'ib al-Rasul - a background booklet and a examine (detailing the Prophet’s step-daughters, i.e. Khadija’s daughters via her prior marriages)

15. Al-Kuna wal Alqab - biographies

16. ashiya ‘alal Kifaya by way of Shaikh Muhammad Kaďim al-Khurasani -Usul

17. ashiya ‘alal Makasib through Shaikh Murtaďa al-Ansari - fiqh

18. Nawadir al-Athar - sundry causes

19. Yawm al-Ghadir or ijjat al-Wada’ - a background book



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179, in a bankruptcy facing a traveller's prayers in a piece approximately person who passes via a rustic and marries an individual there. [178]Nahjul Balagha, Vol. three, p. 304. bankruptcy eight Al-Husain at the Taff Day those are the ideas that the daddy of ‘Abdullah, al-Husain (‘a), at the Taff Day. He didn't order his males to begin the conflict regardless of the endurance of his foes in adhering to misguidance and in scuffling with him with all their may possibly and capacity. They, actually, went so far as prohibiting him, his relations and partners from consuming the water concerning which the one that introduced the divine Shari’a, peace and benefits of Allah be upon him and his progeny, stated, “All humans have an equivalent correct to water and (their animals to) pasture. ” Imam Husain (‘a), through doing so, desired to determine his argument opposed to his foes. He stood to handle that multitude that were immersed in misguidance so as to clarify his argument. He first familiar them with the lack of this vanishing global by means of an individual who threw himself in its lap; it can no longer deliver him whatever yet sadness. Then he resorted to reminding them of his prestige with the Prophet of Islam (S), attesting to himself and to his brother al-Hasan (‘a) that they have been the masters of the youths of Paradise, not to mention the testimony to this truth given through the one that doesn't communicate out of his personal wants yet used to be guided by means of the divinewali: this type of testimony is the criterion for distinguishing correct from improper. Then he reminded them of the truth that had that they had whatever with him that belonged to them, he might have given it again to them. eventually, he raised a replica of the Holy Qur’an over his head and invited them to just accept its arbitration. while a lot of these necessary items of recommendation fell on deaf ears, and whilst it grew to become rather transparent to him that they insisted on their misguidance and stubbornness, opting to behave opposed to the commandments of Allah Almighty and His Messenger (S), he unveiled the curtain from the ‘Alawide satisfaction based on which he grew up. He got rid of the curtain from the sensation of disdain to a person who refused to abide by means of the commandments of Allah and His Messenger (S). it really is such disdain that he and different offspring descending from ‘Ali (‘a) used to check day and evening and around which their conferences revolved. it truly is then that he, peace of Allah be upon him, acknowledged, The da’iyy and the son of the da’iyy required us to settle on one in all : both to allow his males draw their swords opposed to us, or we settle for humiliation and submission to his authority. it's faraway from us to simply accept humiliation; Allah rejects that we, His Messenger, or the devoted may still ever undergo humiliation. those are [the fruit of] reliable and natural chambers, males of dignity and souls too proud to favor obedience to an average and lowly individual over loss of life in honour and in dignity. allow it's recognized that I shall struggle with this relations even supposing our quantity is small, and regardless of the betrayal of these who promised to help us. How may possibly he to a lowly one his submission wield?

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