Loamhedge: A Tale from Redwall

By Brian Jacques

The 16th complete size Redwall novel sheds mild at the Abbey's historical origins in an exhilarating event. Loamhedge, the abandoned Abbey, has been forgotten for numerous seasons. What secrets and techniques do it truly is ruins carry? whilst it turns into transparent that wheelchair-bound Martha could be cured through a formulation buried there, outdated warriors are encouraged by means of the spirit of Martin the Warrior himself to head on a quest for the traditional Abbey and 3 younger rebels are decided to compliment them. in the meantime. the enormous badger Lonna Bowstripe thirsts for vengeance as he relentlessly pursues Raga Bl and his murdering team of Searats...who are on their technique to assault Redwall itself.  The valiant Abbeybeasts needs to protect their domestic, yet how can they, whilst their boldest warriors are away on their quest? Will Redwall fall to vermin invaders finally?

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