Linux Journal (October 2015)

Linux magazine is the unique journal of the worldwide Linux neighborhood, supplying readers the recommendation and concept they should get the main out in their Linux structures. In-depth info presents a whole 360-degree examine featured subject matters in relation to Linux, giving a complete resource of every thing readers desire for developing and finishing their very own initiatives -- not only instruments they're going to use this day, yet correct and encompassing info they'll flip to sooner or later. as well as how-to content material, Linux magazine comprises critiques, new product details, profiles of top Open resource individuals and product reports. It additionally covers company, social and technical information and advancements so that it will satisfy its challenge because the relevant discussion board and suggest for the worldwide Linux neighborhood.

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Embedded Linux Primer: A Practical Real-World Approach (2nd Edition)

Up to the moment, whole counsel for constructing Embedded strategies with Linux   Linux has emerged as today’s number one working approach for embedded items. Christopher Hallinan’s Embedded Linux Primer has confirmed itself because the definitive real-world consultant to development effective, high-value, embedded structures with Linux.

The Official Ubuntu Book (5th Edition)

Ubuntu is a whole, loose working process that emphasizes group, aid, and straightforwardness of use with no compromising pace, strength, or flexibility. It’s Linux for people, designed for everybody from desktop rookies to specialists. Ubuntu 10. 04 is the newest release—more strong, extra versatile, and friendlier than ever.

Advanced Linux Networking

With more and more networks and mission-critical functions working on Linux, approach, and community directors needs to be capable of do greater than manage a server and depend on its default configuration. this article is designed that can assist you in achieving the next point of competence. It specializes in robust thoughts and contours of Linux networking and offers you with the knowledge you want to increase server potency, increase safeguard, and adapt to new necessities.

Guide to Assembly Language Programming in Linux

Introduces Linux recommendations to programmers who're acquainted with different working platforms equivalent to home windows XP presents finished assurance of the Pentium meeting language

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