Linux Format, Issue 153 (January 2012)

Mozilla: greater than a browser - Mozilla, the maker of the hugely renowned Firefox net browser, is ready much more than software program. (Jonathan Roberts)

Linux 2013 - 2011 was once an important 12 months for Linux, with the kernel attaining its twentieth birthday. yet how diversified could issues glance in 12 months' time? (Mayank Sharma)

We are unfastened Geek - Graham Morrison visits a non-profit emporium in Portland, Oregon, that recycles previous undefined, offers humans new talents and installs Linux on hundreds of thousands of machines. (Graham Morrison)

12 purposes to like KDE - Graham Morrison rains positivity onto the world's so much configurable computing device and selections out a few of its top features and purposes (Graham Morrison)

Dr Brown's Administeria - we glance on the lifetime of Dennis Ritchie. Plus: We ask even if you have to be qualified and delve deeper in to /etc (Chris Brown)

Interview: Arthur Richards - The Wikipedia software program engineer discusses cash, banner campaigns and his ardour for selling loose wisdom. (Mike Saunders, Graham Morrison)

PHP: construct a mystery Santa script - Why pull names from a hat in the event you can script it? We make it easier to construct one of these script with personal home page CLI. (James Litton)

Pencil: Produce life-like relocating works with this easy device - Jono Bacon indicates us find out how to get lively on Linux (Jono Bacon)

Arduino: Make a few noise - tune maestro Nick Veitch takes tuning actually and transforms his Arduino right into a melody maker during this audibly nice instalment. (Nick Veitch)

Git: song your files' heritage - we glance at probably the most renowned model keep watch over platforms and assist you placed its capabilities into every-day use. (Jonathan Roberts)

Banshee: Tidy up your library - wasting music of your entire song and film records? allow Banshee provide you with a hand, as we show this media manager's secrets and techniques (Jonathan Roberts)

Create your personal bootable pen force - whilst Android and MeeGo simply won't reduce it, sign up for us in unleashing the complete strength of your Linux machine anyplace you move (Bob Moss)

Android: the place am I? - Smartphones aid you get mapping and placement information at the circulate. learn on for the lowdown at the Android Maps API (Juliet Kemp)

Code innovations: development courses - discover ways to holiday difficulties into doable chunks, as we make it easier to layout a courses (Jonathan Roberts)

Modern Perl: construct an internet app - Dancer is a Perl framework for development internet purposes. we find it's an effective way to extend an easy studying checklist application (Dave Cross)

Python: Menus and toolbars - deal with your interface code the way in which that works good for you (Nick Veitch)

Blender 2.6 - The 3D content material creations suite will get a massive replace. The strangely lively Graham Morrison discovers if that make take a seat any much less tough to exploit (Graham Morrison)

Scriviner - Scribbler Andrew Gregory unleashes his internal Bernard Cornwall with a notice processor and venture administration app for writers (Andrew Gregory)

Oracle Solaris eleven - Graham Morrison wonders even if this can be the tip or a brand new starting for an OS that when threatened Linux (Graham Morrison)

OpenSUSE 12.1 vs Fedora sixteen - the 2 major contenders for the RPM-based distro crown pull on their gloves and clamber into the hoop (Shashank Sharma)

Voxatron Alpha - This Minecraft-inspired arcade shooter seems to be attractive within the demos. Jonathan Roberts unearths out if it's as a lot enjoyable to play (Jonathan Roberts)

Roundup: enterprise Distros - We positioned CentOS, ClearOs, Ubuntu Server, Debian and Zentyal to the attempt (Shashank Sharma)

News: Barnes & Noble returns hearth in patents conflict - eu fee talks tricky on patents, Ubuntu dumps CDs, Raspberry Pi unearths ultimate recipe and our Qt Developer Days express record (Andrew Gregory)

Distrowatch: A Slackware dog - Starring dog Linux 5.3 Slacko in outstanding new form, in addition to blackPanther 11.1 and Finnix 103 (Susan Linton)

What on the earth: UEFI - a brand new boot interface which could cease Linux booting sooner or later (Marco Fioretti)

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Set_submenu(filemenu) #create a menubar menubar = gtk. MenuBar() menubar. append(filemenuheader) #create a box for the most window vbox = gtk. VBox(False, 2) vbox. pack_start(menubar, fake, fake, zero) label=gtk. Label() label. set_text(“this is simply \n a try out. ”) vbox. pack_start(label, precise, actual, zero) window. set_title(“Evil Menu Thing”) window. set_size_request(400, two hundred) window. add(vbox) 108 LXF153 January 2012 LXF153. code_python. indd 108 Our first test at a few usable menus. It took 37 traces of code, and all we will do is go out this system… window. connect(“destroy”,lambda x: window. destroy()) window. show_all() gtk. main() incidentally, don’t trouble typing this in – the code is incorporated at the DVD. It’s simply right here for info, relatively, as we’ll be rewriting this complete factor shortly. That’s a fit bite of code for attaining not anything, yet all valuable in order to take advantage of out of GTK. one of many tough issues to recollect is that the menuitem gadgets can be utilized in methods – to begin with, as chances are you'll anticipate, as an item representing an merchandise on a menu. yet there’s a distinct additional use too, because the access for a menu at the menubar – ie the object at the menubar that you simply click on to open the menu. this straightforward double utilization makes menus occasionally suppose complicated. Menus are created, packed with menuitems after which connected to 1 of those dummy menuitem gadgets utilizing the set_submenu() approach. those, in flip, have to be connected to a MenuBar item, which then has to be integrated right into a window or a box like all different item. Let’s say we additionally desired to upload a regular “Open” and “Save” menuitem. We’ll disregard for now how one can enforce those gains, and simply upload them to the menu: newitem=gtk. MenuItem(“Open”) key, mod = gtk. accelerator_parse(“O”) newitem. add_accelerator(“activate”, accelgroup, key,mod, gtk. ACCEL_VISIBLE) newitem. connect(“activate”, lambda w: window. destroy()) filemenu. append(newitem) As you will find, this can be pretty well similar to the 1st menuitem we created (in truth, we’ve additionally hooked up it to the www. linuxformat. com 11/17/11 5:09:23 PM Python similar window. destroy() procedure, since it should still do something). The accelerator team is a manner of dealing with keyboard shortcuts. The accelerator_parse() procedure is a comfort functionality for changing a textual illustration of those controls into the particular codes wanted. including the accelerator to the article prompts it and screens the shortcut mixture (if you decide gtk. ACCEL_VISIBLE) within the menu. Open the field a typical replacement for delivering person controls is the toolbar. this is often whatever we haven’t lined prior to, yet it’s particularly easy – simply think it’s one other kind of box. In loads of courses, we would are looking to positioned our give up, Open and store capabilities at the toolbar too, as a shortcut for clients, so that’s what we’ll do with this little bit of code. First, we create a few toolbar goods: tool_open = gtk. ToolButton(gtk. STOCK_OPEN) tool_save = gtk. ToolButton(gtk. STOCK_SAVE) tool_quit = gtk.

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