Jeff Foxworthy's Complete Redneck Dictionary: All the Words You Thought You Knew the Meaning Of

By Jeff Foxworthy

There’s no such factor as an excessive amount of redneck. And it’s effortless to appreciate why. A veritable gumbo of indigenous ingenuity, this deliciously designated dialect rolls off the tongue like drool within the presence of a fish fry sandwich. Now, simply in time for no time particularly, Jeff Foxworthy’s 3 bestsellers are rolled into one hilarious redneck reference. This useful, moveable A-to-Z crash direction can have you guffawing and studying your strategy to wonderful southern slang. Say after me:

bay • ou (bi´-ü), v. and n. to buy for an additional. “I simply walked correct as much as her and acknowledged, ‘Hey darlin’, lemme bayou a drink.’ ”

doo • dle (düd´-el), n. and v. a male individual and his anticipated activities. “Don’t even examine him, ’cuz that doodle kill you.”

tor • toise (tort´-es), v. and n. to have imparted wisdom or knowledge to a gaggle. “That silly instructor by no means tortoise nothin’. ”

Whether you’re a beginner seeking to connect to your internal redneck or a pro professional hoping to sharpen your abilities, the whole Redneck Dictionary is the single reference you’ll ever desire. opting for up Redneck (and this booklet) hasn't ever been more uncomplicated.

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I do know blowing up this secure is risky. i'd dynamite now not. ” ear (ir′), v. to obtain and cognitively strategy sound. “Huh? I couldn’t ear a unmarried observe you stated. ” east•ern (ēs′-tern), n. and v. indicating a transformation in a male. “He was once a lovely child, yet jap right into a genuine monster. ” jap easy•go•ing (ē-zē-gō′-ing), v. and n. interrogative concerning the destiny pursuits or trajectory of a male. “Easygoing to sit back or no longer? ” ego (ē′-gō), n. and v. a male relocating from one situation to a different. “He’s a very good guy, Daddy … ego to church each Sunday. ” Egypt (ē′-jipt), n. and v. to were cheated or swindled through a male. “Aw, guy, Egypt me! ” 80 (ā′-tē), v. and n. a male, after mastication. “Right after the previous man 80 blew chunks in my motor vehicle. ” Ei•sen•how•er (ī′-zen-ha-Ər), n. and v. a private assertion bearing on an motion or lasting for one twenty-fourth of the earth’s revolution on its axis. “Last time Mamie spent the evening, Eisenhower past due for paintings. ” el•der (el′-der), v. and n. to embody or restrain a feminine. “After the outdated woman mugged us, Junior elder down until eventually the police officers arrived. ” el•e•gance (el′-i-gens), adj. and prep. a bunch both in competition or in shut actual proximity. “They’re beauty her simply ’cuz she’s assorted. ” el•e•ment (el′-Ə-ment), n. and v. a clause clarifying or summing up a prior assertion or motion of the speaker’s. “Sorry you inspiration I’d pay you again at the present time— point was once I’d pay you again sometime. ” elite (íl-ēt′), n. and v. a word predicting ingestion by means of a male. “Give it to Jake … elite something. ” elix•ir (i-liks′-Ər), n. and v. the act, by means of a male mammal, of lapping any particular lady along with his tongue. “My puppy wakes my daughter up each mornin’. He jumps at the mattress and elixir face. ” ELIXIR to migrate em•bark (im-bärk′), n. and v. relating the creation of the quick, sharp cry attribute of the male of the species Canis familiaris. “That dog’s so good behaved you can’t make embark. ” em•bit•ter (im-bi′-ter), n. and adj. while a male feels envious, offended, vengeful, and soured. “His divorce simply left embitter. ” em•i•grate (em-Ə-grāt′), n. and adj. an egotistical inquiry. “I nailed us a few beautiful stable seats the following, dude. to migrate or what? ” emis•sion (Ə-mi′-shen), n. an project, strongly felt ambition, or calling. “The manner she’s drivin’ that motor vehicle, she’s on emission to fail the smog try. ” emo•tions (i-mō′-shens), n. and v. to point anything with gestures, as played by means of a male. “Every time he makes an incredible play, feelings to the group to make extra noise. ” en•close (in-klōz′), n. attired in clothing. “She seems solid enclose, yet she appears higher out of them. ” en•coun•ter (in-ka=n′-ter), v. to answer one supply with one other. “Find out what he’s askin’ for it come across with a reduce supply. ” en•dive (en-dīv′), conj. and v. to jump or plunge, particularly in a headlong demeanour. “Just stroll to the sting of the board endive off. ” en•e•ma (en′-Ə-me), n. and v. pointing out one’s nation of being or whereabouts. “Dang all of it! My automobile broke down, enema solid ten miles from a fuel station.

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