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This e-book is set the second one Imam, Imam Hasan [a]. He was once the son of the 1st Imam who bought his fee upon the loss of life of his father, may perhaps Allah let us be known as his Shi'ah. Many faulty debts were given approximately Imam Hasan [a], the main treacherous of them being concerning the variety of other halves he had and attributing worldly passions to him, God forbid! the main misunderstood and underestimated act of this nice Imam was once the signing of a peace treaty with the usurper Mu'awiyah.

A huge element of this e-book has been devoted to clarifying this treaty. Why it used to be made, why Imam Hasan [a] was once compelled to signal it. What it contained and the way it used to be broken.

We pray that Allah is happy with our efforts and that the genuine glory of this Imam shines forth for all to see.

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Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran



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16]Baqir Sharif al-Qarashi, Hayat al-Imam Hasan [a], (Najaf:1965). vol. 1, p. 387. [17]Ibid. , p. 432. [18] Abdullah bin Qais Abu-Musa al-Ash'ari. [19]Ibid. , p. 479. bankruptcy 15 degree : in the course of His Imamate the second one half or degree of the function of Imam Hasan [a] within the lifetime of the Muslims began whilst his father appointed him because the subsequent Imam. within the wake of the tough test on his existence through Abdul-Rahman bin Muljim and his cohorts, the demise Imam [a] stated his final will to his son, Hasan [a]: "… my son, the Messenger of Allah [s] ordered me to notify you of my final will, and quit my books and guns to you, precisely as he informed me his final will and gave me his books and guns. He ordered me to reserve you to offer them on your brother, Husayn, while dying techniques you… " Then he grew to become to his son, Husayn, and stated: "And the Messenger of Allah [s] ordered you handy them to this son of yours. " Thereupon, he took carry of the hand of Ali bin Husayn [a] and stated to him: "And the Messenger of Allah [s] ordered you to offer them in your son, Muhammad bin Ali. take into accout, the Messenger of Allah [s] and me to him. "[20] Then he named because the witnesses to his final will, Husayn, his son Muhammad, all of his sons, and the chiefs and best males of his Shi'ites (followers). The final days of Imam Ali [a] teemed with lots of his ethical guidance, that have been geared toward setting up the perfect, and sticking to it. so much of them have been addressed to his sons and especially to Imam Hasan [a]. He emphasised his son's Caliphate and Imamate after him. almost immediately after the passing away of Imam Ali [a], the folks of Kufa moved quickly to the mosque, dumbfounded and stunned at that fab adversity. The grandson of the Messenger of Allah [s], Imam Hasan [a], stood amid this multitude, promulgating the 1st of his communiqués, after the departure of his nice chief. He stated: "… tonight, a guy has died whom the 1st Muslims didn't outrun with stable deeds, nor did the final ones meet up with him in exciting acts. He used to struggle via the aspect of the Messenger of Allah [s], risking his personal existence for the sake of the Prophet's. The Messenger of Allah [s] could ship him as his standard-bearer. Jibra'il could guard him by means of combating on his correct, and Mika'il on his left. He wouldn't go back from the battlefield until eventually Allah had given him victory. He died during this evening, on which Isa bin Maryam [a] ascended to heaven, and Yusha' bin midday, the trustee of Musa [a], kicked the bucket. He has left no dirhams or dinars along with the seven-hundred Dirhams which have been left over from his pay. "[[21] At this aspect Imam Hasan [a] halted his speech for his tears choked him. clone of the good departing guy, along with his everlasting deeds and stances, loomed ahead of his eyes. The Muslims couldn't support crying bitterly with him. Then he resumed his speech. He stated: "O humans! Who has well-known me, that's that. Who has now not, permit him comprehend that i'm Hasan bin Ali. i'm the son of the Holy Prophet. i'm the son of the Trustee. i'm the son of the bearer of the excellent news, and the warner.

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