Hard Light: An Adventure for Stars Without Number

By Kevin Crawford

Challenging mild takes a band of younger adventurers to a method blazing with the murderous mild of a purple enormous celebrity. The hard-bitten novium miners of the Brightside mining station hold the single outpost of civilization in a process jam-packed with deadly mild and stellar outlaws at the run. Will the avid gamers locate the riches of the traditional asteroid sky tombs and their alien makers, or will they fall prey to the seething uprising that boils underneath Brightside Station's metal pores and skin? discover during this event for the celebs with out quantity roleplaying game.

* contains maps and group of workers writeups for Brightside Station, a novium mining outpost soaring at the darkish aspect of a molten planetoid.

* Maps and contents for 3 fully-developed sky tombs and their enigmatic occupants.

* Outlines the sinister machinations happening at the station, and possibilities for desktops to entangle themselves within the mining outpost's final fate.

* provides info at the long-forgotten alien creators of the sky tombs and the doom that came about their civilization.

* offers information on a range of unique alien know-how for plunder or disastrous misuse.

* incorporates a web page of mini-geomorphs and a random new release approach for developing as many sky tombs as your avid gamers dare explore.

* challenging gentle is meant for 4-6 desktops of degrees 1-3, and is routinely suitable with so much vintage retroclones.

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Te plaza is a well-liked spot for these wanting reduction from the station’s confnes, and Jafa Okoye essentially lives right here whilst no longer on responsibility. Te vine-shaded shut on the outby part of the plaza is named “the enthusiasts’ nook”, and customized retains humans clear of it whilst the artifcial stone via its front has a section of garments draped over it. Te park plaza can also be arrange as highdeck’s crash room, a lot because the theater is on middeck. Te fountain tank offers water and the vines can sustain to 2 hundred humans respiring for per week ahead of the tension kills them. a wide, oblong artifcial rock within the fanatics’ corner comprises scientific provides, a few emergency dry rations, and a couple of well-kept vacc fits. Te plaza’s front is bolstered to be used as a pressure-sealed airlock. H7 Public leisure Rooms Tese banks of unisex toilets are stored in heavy use. H8 temporary Quarters Tis cramped room is much less cozy than the everlasting quarters, and are stacked with bunks and easy footlockers to accommodate the brief inhabitants of short-haul staff or tomb explorers. every one room has bunks and lockers for 8 occupants, and minimum room for anything. A bunk expenses five credit an afternoon, notwithstanding on gradual months Yash will permit a wealthy adventurer lease the total room for 20 credit an afternoon or a hundred credit weekly. H9 Residential Quarters Tese quarters have been initially meant to serve two times as many everlasting occupants, and so are really capacious in comparison to the standard run of house station lodgings. unmarried staff and junior techs bunk to a room, whereas married and senior staf have their very own quarters. Swing-down bunks and furnishings that folds down onto the deck bring up the on hand loose house whilst helpful, and folding panels can be utilized to divide the room for minimum privateness. Prisoners are locked right into a naked room the following. BrightsidE area and its risks area within the not easy mild method is awfully opposed. Te large radiation emissions produced via the Beast will kill a spacer in mins if he’s now not properly shielded, and the energies wreak havoc on so much kinds of radio communications. an individual who capability to get round in challenging gentle must keep in mind a couple of vital proof. Radiation Poisoning demanding gentle is consistently bombarded by means of radiation from the purple vast at its middle. A spacer with just a vacc go well with among him and the celebrity must make a actual Efect retailer each minute. Failure capacity the sufferer loses one element of structure. If the character’s structure modifer is going down because of that loss, they instantly lose a couple of hit issues from their greatest equivalent to their present point. a personality lowered less than structure three dies and can't be revived by means of biopsionics or lazarus patches. Tis harm should be cured by way of a TL four scientific hospital akin to that on Brightside or in a medbay-equipped send. every one aspect misplaced calls for forty eight hours of remedy prior to being restored. Brightside will supply unfastened clinical support if the wounds have been incurred in operating for the station, yet differently leader medic Suyin Indrani will invoice a hundred credit an afternoon for such remedy.

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