Half a Century of Chess

In a set of 90 annotated video games, the previous global champion demonstrates his strategic variety.

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Weren't continually simply, and occasionally no longer within the pursuits of chess. Euwe's skill to alter the location at the board was once firstly my stumbling block. sooner than the current online game we had met 4 occasions : I had misplaced video games and had led to a draw. Now we have been to satisfy for the 5th time, in a event held quickly after Alekhine's loss of life, while the chess international had no champion. 138 Game five 1 A t that point n o choice had but been taken as to how the recent Champion will be the proclamation of Euwe as global Cham­ pion. made up our minds. Dutch chess avid gamers, in addition to It used to be in tbis form of surroundings that our Euwe himself, learned that if the ex-World online game happened. thousand spectators Champion have been to win this online game and emerge within the overcrowded "Harmonie" corridor fol­ the victor of this primary post-war event, lowed our video game from begin to end. public opinion might settle for witbout a fit 139 GAM E fifty two. QUEEN'S G A M B I T AC CEPTED M . Botvinnik M . Euwe Seventeen years later I performed nine d X c5 opposed to Petrosian within the eighth online game of our overseas event Groningen, 1946 1 d4 2 Nf3 Nf6 three 04 d x c4 four e3 e6 cS a6 five Bxc4 6 0-0 7 a4 fit. He, in fact, had now not studied those diversifications, and that's why, being an experi­ enced, sensible participant, he shunned them and dS responded nine . . . B Xc5. nine ... 10 Nc3 n b3 1 1 d x c5 B xc5 12 e4 Ng4 now achieves not anything for White. This continuation, brought via Rubin­ n . 12 Bb2 stein, restricts Black's task. It later went out of favor, yet used to be revived back within the . . Bd7 Rac8 Euwe waits, while after 12 . . . cXd4 1963 Botvinnik-Petrosian fit. 7 ... eight Qe2 Qc7 0-0 thirteen e x d4 Na5 he might have won counter­ Nc6 play at the Q·side. yet now the c·file remains Be7 closed, and White advantageously opens the Black doesn't alternate within the centre, video game within the centre. I performed an analogous because after eight . . . c X d4 nine Rdl Be7 \ zero e x d4 plan White can freely increase his queen's bishop. event, yet to be reasonable i need to point out opposed to Keres within the fit­ that Alekhine had hired this concept a lot nine RdJ previous. 1 suggestion that the continuation nine d x c5 thirteen dS Ne4 could provide Black an outstanding video game. Ten 14 N X dS years later, even though, I replaced my opinion 15 BXd5 after making the subsequent targeted research : \0 Rdl Qc7 eleven Nd4 Nxc5 12 N Xc6 bXc6 (12 . . . Qxc6 thirteen Bb5 axb5 14 aXb5 R x al 15 b Xc6 R Xbl sixteen b4 RXb4 17 Ba3) thirteen b4 Nd7 (13 . . . Ne4 14 Bb2 O-() 15 Bd] Nf6 sixteen Nd2 Rb8 17 Nc4 with a positional advan­ tage) 14 Bb2 ().. {) 15 Nd2 B X b4 sixteen Qg4 Ne5 1941 e X dS N X d5 Bg4 15 . . . Nb4 is advantageously replied via sixteen Be5. sixteen Qo4 sixteen h3 Bh5 17 g4 Bg6 1 eight h4 used to be extra energetic, but in addition extra dicy. 17 Qg3. My new end was once that White sixteen . . . 17 BX c6 had the initiative. a hundred and forty Bb5 Game fifty two Bc2 even though even now the pawn develop 1 7 g4 Bg6 18 h4 was once dicy, this used to be the single (24 .. strategy to boost the initiative. during this impor­ 20 tant online game i used to be aiming for a quiet continua­ misplaced my virtue. . . A smart movement.

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