By Irvine Welsh

An epic novel concerning the bonds of friendship from the writer of Trainspotting.

the tale of 4 boys growing to be up within the Edinburgh tasks, Glue is ready the loyalties, the reviews, and the secrets and techniques that carry associates jointly via 3 a long time. the lads turn into males: Juice Terry, the work-shy fanny-merchant, with corkscrew curls and sticky palms; Billy the boxer, pushed, managed, enjoying to his strengths; Carl, the Milky Bar child, drifting alongside to his personal soundtrack; and the doomed Gally, incredibly thin-skinned and susceptible to disaster at each flip. We persist with their lives from the seventies into the hot century—from punk to techno, from pace to E. Their mutual loyalty is fused in highway morality: again up your pals, do not hit girls, and, most vital, by no means snitch—on someone. Glue has the Irvine Welsh trademarks—crackling discussion, scabrous set items, and black, black humor—but it's also a grown-up publication approximately becoming up—about the way in which we are living our lives, and what occurs to us whilst issues develop into unstuck. "Stocked together with his ordinary quirky, sympathetic characters, this rollicking new story flickers with the writer's trademark satiric wit. Its heft and narrative breadth may still persuade any last skeptics that Welsh—now successfully the grand previous guy of in-your-face Scottish fiction—is a author to be taken seriously."—Publishers Weekly starred evaluate

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Then a automobile horn sounds. He seems ower ma shoodir and says, — until later, movin away. — Too correct, ya crappin cunt, ah snort, wonderin why eh wis in this type of hurry. Or mibbe the cunt thoat ah’d subsidized doon. For a furious moment, ah take a leap forward, sooner than preventing. Naw, it wisnae the time. Ah flip tae see whae tooted and it’s Billy’s motor vehicle wi Terry in it wi him. They get oot and he’s correct oaf doon the line sharpish, increasin ehs velocity. Nae ask yourself. while eh will get tae her n the bairn, eh alternatives up Jacqueline and sticks her oan ehs shoodirs. That cunt sticks ma fuckin bairn oan ehs shoodirs. They head doon the line. That fuckin Gail hoor’s the one one lookin again at us. Terry’s up along me n eh’s smilin aw coolly at her and he or she turns away. — What’s the tale? Billy asks, noddin tae auld Mrs Carlops whae’s comin doon the line wi tremendous baggage ay messages. Ah’m no gittin Billy or Terry concerned about this back. That Polmont’s fuck all; he dies. And Doyle? Ah examine Billy’s scar. Ah’ve nowt tae lose. He kinfolk have it n aw. — Nae tale, ah inform him. Ah test tae smile over at Mrs Carlops. Perr auld cow, she’s toilin within the warmth wi they 2 titanic luggage ay shoppin. Billy is going ower tae Mrs Carlops and takes the luggage off her and sticks them within the boot ay ehs automobile. Eh opens the passenger door. — You git in thaire, Mrs Carlops, n take the load oaf yir ft. — Ye convinced, son? — Ah’m jist gaun that wey, Mrs Carlops, doon tae muh Ma’s, so it’s nae trouble at aw. — Tryin tae cairry a wee bit an excessive amount of, she wheezes, mountaineering in. — Ah’ve goat oor Gordon’s faimlay comin up fae York so ah thoat ah’d git a few stuff in . . . Terry’s lookin at this, as though both Mrs Carlops or Billy is a piece daft via being during this scenario, then eh turns sharply tae me. — They cunts fuckin you aboot back? eh is going tae ays. — Jist depart it, Terry, ah tells um, yet my voice sounds breathless n ah’m diggin ma nails intae the fingers ay ma palms. Terry increases ehs fingers in a protective posture. Eh feels like eh goat stuck in that downpour. Ehs hair n jaykit are rainy. Billy’s eyes stick with them correct doon the road. The wee yin oan his shoodirs. the object is, the more serious factor, she relatively likes him. a few issues ye cannae pretend. Ah take a deep breath, then test tae swallow this factor thit’s jammed in ma throat. — What youse up tae? Billy says, — Ah’d simply entire trainin. Ah wis drivin earlier the Grange while ah observed this radge prowlin aroond the streets. Eh approximately shat a brick whilst ah peeped um. — What wir you daein prowlin aroond they enormous hooses up the Grange, as though we didnae ken? ah ask Terry. — Ah’m mindin ma ain enterprise, eh nods doon the line, they’re oot ay sight now, — so ah’d such as you tae expand me a similar courtesy, Mr Galloway, eh says. — reasonable adequate, ah agree sharpish. — Youse fancy a pint? eh asks. Billy exhales sharply, lookin at Terry as though eh’s jist steered taking on noncing. — No approach, ah’m gaun tae git auld Jinty Carlops hame, then ah’m oaf tae muh Ma’s for ma tea. Ah’ve goat tae continue suit, ah’m in trainin brain. Terry begins thrashin ehs chist wi ehs index finger.

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