GameMastery Module: Treasure Of Chimera Cove (Pathfinder Module LB2)

By Anson Caralya

An old map issues to a mythical treasure hidden within the legendary Chimera Cove, a protracted forgotten pirate port. a bunch of lethal traps and lingering guardians look ahead to the plunderers, yet a fair higher evil has its sight set upon the robust relic. Treasure of Chimera Cove is a desolate tract event set within the Pathfinder Chronicles environment, and is acceptable for low-level characters.

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Consequently, the weapon’s pilot, Captain Vintresk, used to be required to keep on with a number of miles at the back of in a Chelish warship known as the Seafire, a frigate crewed by way of undead sailors often called seasworn (see web page 30). Upon sending the Terraken in to assault Pelastour’s mystery hideout, she discovered she’d been tricked, because the wards surrounding his base bring to a halt her touch with the weapon. desirous to get well it, she used to be pressured to invade at once for you to reestablish her regulate of the Terraken. within the procedure, her send used to be smashed within the cove, and either side have been savaged within the resulting fracas. Being tremendous tricky, she and some of her sea-sworn group controlled to outlive, yet an oath by no means to desert the Terraken retains them from slicing their losses and sprinting for the open ocean. right here they’ve waited for many years for somebody to go into and flood the chambers, letting them get well the Terraken and make sturdy on their get away. not anything during this room is of actual price; the instruments are makeshift and the fabrics are waterlogged. Creature: sea-sworn marines safeguard this chamber. in the event that they become aware of intruders or listen sounds of wrestle coming from zone 6, they instantly organize an ambush. records Str 23, Dex thirteen, Con —, Int four, Wis thirteen, Cha eight Base Atk +9; Grp +19 Feats Alertness, Hover, Iron Will, Multiattack talents disguise +1, pay attention +9, circulation Silently +9 Languages Draconic specific skills Breath Weapon (Su) 40-ft. line of acid as soon as each 1d4 rounds, harm 3d8 acid, Reflex DC 14 part. Curse of the Sea-Sworn (Ex) Sea-sworn functionality often every time in touch with salt water or aboard a vessel floating (or sunken) in salt water. A sea-sworn taken open air of those stipulations in any respect fast withers away to not anything, taking 2d6 issues of wear in keeping with around. Drowning contact (Ex) The contact of a sea-sworn reasons the lungs of a residing creature to fill with salt water dealing 1 aspect of structure harm. Creatures with the aquatic or water sub-types, creatures that don't have to breathe, and creatures that can breathe water are all proof against this precise assault. quick therapeutic (Ex) A sea-sworn profits quickly therapeutic 2 every time it really is immersed in salt water to a intensity of at the very least onequarter of the creature’s top. catch: touch with any of the indicated set off parts prompts the room’s capture. Stone doorways swing all the way down to shut either entrances, sealing the cavern. Or at the least, that’s the way it was once intended—the sea-sworn have for the reason that piled a couple of goods within the southeastern doorway, propping it open barely enough to flood quarter 7 besides and fill up their pool earlier than the remainder of the water drains away. This Sea-Sworn Chelish Marines (2) CR five hp 32; see web page 30. strategies earlier than strive against If the marines are alerted to intruders in sector 6, they disguise underwater to both sides of the doorway and assault once somebody comes inside variety. in the course of strive against The marines assault with their drowning 20 Treasure of Chimera Cove contact to melt up competitors. If any foe climbs up on a desk to get out of the water, the sea-sworn attempt to knock the desk over (DC 15 energy check).

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