GameMastery Module: Seven Swords Of Sin

By James L. Sutter

The traditional Swords of Sin, lengthy hidden away in distant vaults and protected by means of robust wards, were stolen and taken jointly back for a negative reason. Seven Swords of Sin is a deadly event for mid-level characters, appropriate with the world's preferred delusion roleplaying video game, and a part of the GameMastery Module line. the journey comprises the terrifying dungeon the place the swords are hidden and the vile enchantress, Tirana, who governs its crafty traps and immense guardians. GameMastery Modules additionally contain 4 pre-made characters so avid gamers can bounce correct into the motion and full-color maps and handouts to augment play. simply the courageous (and might be silly) have any probability of surviving Tirana's dungeon and preventing her depraved plans ahead of she will be able to liberate the ability of the Seven Swords of Sin.

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Treasure: As a suite, the books during this library are worthy virtually 2,000 gp, yet person books are hardly worthy greater than 10 gp every one. 7. Cave-In mammoth chunks of typical stone and cracked masonry block the passage right here, even supposing the ground in entrance of it's remarkably fresh. The tunnel the following evidently as soon as prolonged farther to the north sooner or later, yet a cavein has lengthy considering buried it below dozens of ft of rubble. Clearing a course via it's past the scope of this event. eight. Incinerator (EL eight) The door to this room is reliable metal and festooned with cross-bracing and rivets. once someone steps into one of many 5foot squares without delay in entrance of it, the door retracts into the ceiling with startling pace. It remains retracted till the capture is sprung. This oblong room is naked retailer for a tenfoot-wide chasm on the southern finish, which drops down twenty ft right into a roaring fireplace. past it, a wide cauldron full of gleaming molten stone bubbles softly. The air within the room is stiflingly sizzling. this can be the complex’s incinerator, designed for waste disposal. The lava within the cauldron burns rubbish thrown into this room to ash, which slides down into the fiery chasm the place fireplace finishes con­suming it. whereas the lava is created magically via the facility of the cauldron, the flames on the backside of the ditch are fed routinely via normal fuel piped in from in other places underneath town, compelled up throughout the steel grating that varieties the trench’s ground. somebody losing into the ditch takes 2d6 issues of falling harm plus 6d6 issues of fireplace harm every one around. Scaling the slippery facets of the 20foot-deep pit calls for a DC 25 Climb fee. catch: commencing the door to this room primes its tricky capture, which triggers once whatever (or a person) enters the room and the squares instantly outdoor the door are not any longer occupied. A around after either those stipulations are met, the door slams down and secures itself with a secular lock (Open Lock DC 35). At that time, the ground instantly suggestions up 15 levels, coats itself with grease spells, and is bathed with gouts of lava spewed from the lively cauldron on the southern finish. flow in the course of the room is dealt with in line with the grease spell, with each one personality creating a DC eleven Reflex keep to maintain his ft and DC 10 stability assessments each one around to maneuver at part velocity. additionally, any personality who falls companies immediately slides 1d4�5 ft towards the chasm. The onslaught maintains for 10 rounds ahead of resetting. as soon as it resets, the seize is still dormant for 10 mins, d­uring which period the counterweighted door unlocks and will be opened from the interior with a DC 15 power fee. (From the skin, simply status within the precise squares motives it to open. ) The cauldron on the a long way finish of the room is absolutely an complex lively item. Designed to wash the room of waste and particles, it doesn't circulate (AC 5). It fires lava balls each one around, focusing on the biggest gadgets first. as soon as the capture resets, the cauldron ceases its assaults and doesn't shield itself.

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