GameMastery Module: Flight Of The Red Raven

By Jason Bulmahn

A important item has been stolen and the secret at the back of the purple Raven is the major. Can your heroes get better the relic in time to avoid wasting town of Azurestone from a bad destiny Flight of the purple Raven is a desolate tract event set within the Pathfinder Chronicles crusade atmosphere, and is appropriate for low-level characters.

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A personality can take 20 on those exams, supplied there are not any distractions. a person who follows the diviner’s cryptic directions, as comparable by way of the crimson Raven, gets a +2 condition bonus on those tests. even though the Jarl can't see magic, he suffers no penalty on his Spellcraft checks—he can intuit the lock simply as he can experience the most important. whilst the ritual is played thoroughly, the interior orbs drop in the key. For the subsequent 10 mins, someone who passes the open coterminous element is transported to a crack within the Nordein Glacier. because the legal and the chasms are approximately exact, luck isn't instantly seen (to mundane sight). The Jarl’s felony should be annulled by way of including an extra step to the ritual. It calls for the storied cup (see zone P4) to be choked with liquid. whereas the go out is open, a personality increases the accursed vessel and swears an oath of fealty to the Caliph of the Djinn within the Auran language. the nature then beverages the contents of the cup. while the final drop passes the character’s lips, the annulment ritual is entire and a noisy crack is heard because the whole demiplane is transported to the fabric airplane. The prison’s incompatible geometry explanations it to break down. Characters have approximately 10 mins to flee, both via an go out aspect into the Nordein Glacier or upwards from anyplace within the legal. something (or somebody) that continues to be in the felony is buried underneath a whole bunch ice. The purple Raven has a scrap of parchment scribed with the transliteration of a djinn oath of fealty (requires wisdom of Auran or a DC five Intelligence cost to learn properly) that he received from the diviner. He doesn't recognize what the “storied cup” the diviner talked about refers to. he's additionally ignorant of the risks of annulling the criminal. improvement: If the Jarl continues to be alive while the egress is opened, he makes an attempt to depart the criminal invisibly. If detected, the Jarl fights again, basically fleeing whilst he's freed from his felony. Concluding the journey Having escaped the Jarl’s legal, the desktops are confronted with the difficulty of bringing the crimson Raven to justice. The notorious bandit is of course immune to this concept. The crimson Raven recounts the extenuating situations of his crime, and (assuming he's reunited with Geppa) willingly arms over the Vernal Key. He performs up the romance of the situation—the starcrossed fans and the thief who steals now not for funds, yet for romance. but, regardless of his impassioned plea, lawabiding desktops could nonetheless are looking to arrest the pink Raven. In such case, he makes use of his wellhoned abilities (and magical cape) to steer clear of catch or test break out. The purple Raven hasn't ever been stuck, and he expects this present day to be no varied. The computers can achieve leverage over the rogue by means of taking pictures or threatening Geppa, however the crimson Raven takes this as a grave insult. If the Jarl escapes, he flies off at the wind to someplace faraway from his criminal. even supposing weakened from his lengthy imprisonment, the once-noble djinni quickly recovers and turns into a threat, not only to the Caliphate of the Djinn, yet to the fabric aircraft in addition.

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