GameMastery Module: Entombed With The Pharaohs

By Michael Kortes

The ruined pyramid tombs of the traditional emperor-gods of Osirion are ultimately open to exploration and the race is directly to plumb their depths and rescue their helpful treasures. Entombed with the Pharaohs is a barren region event for mid-level characters, appropriate with the world's most well-liked myth roleplaying video game, and a part of the GameMastery module line. the journey comprises details at the urban of Sothis and the traditional tomb that lies within sight, in addition to information on rival adventurers bent on attending to the treasure first. GameMastery Modules additionally comprise 4 pre-made characters so avid gamers can bounce correct into the motion and full-color maps and handouts to reinforce play. Do your heroes have the desire and the wits to outlive the pyramid-tomb of the pharaohs and the power to fend off the hoard of treasure-seekers sizzling on their path?

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A towering throne fills this small chamber. in the back of the throne, a wide-runged lad- der composed of veinstone ascends to the b­lackness above. Creature: Ankana’s Panthereon mother or father waits the following till known as. It then exits during the mystery door and stands at her part. even supposing the Panthereon has a bronze cat’s head on its shoulders, it truly is differently comparable in visual appeal to a defend mother or father. Its stone components are composed of veinstone, whereas its wood parts are a blackened darkwood. The Panthereon’s steel parts are well-polished bronze. Panthereon CR 7 hp eighty; MM 223 (Modified defend mum or dad) SQ The Panthereon doesn't have quick therapeutic five; its saved spell is at the moment bull’s power strategies in the course of wrestle The Panthereon follows Ankana’s orders always so long as she incorporates its amulet. Morale The Panthereon fights until eventually destroyed if Ankana instructions it. If Ankana unlocks the floor in quarter 10, she retreats the following and climbs upon her throne to observe the resultant contest. If the desktops reach elevating her facet of the ground and crushing her Panthereon, notwithstanding, she has no technique of returning to zone 10, because the manner turns into blocked via a superior wall. Ankana then takes the veinstone ladder and climbs to sector 15, the place she waits for the computers to come across the Pharaoh of Numbers in zone 14 and joins him in wrestle. If the size seize has been activated, Ankana’s sarcophagus can also be the following, resting subsequent to the throne. The Curse of the Encircled Runes: The ladder consists of fifty six rungs. The forty fifth rung (the eleventh from the head) features a small encircled rune of reckoning. Any computing device mountain climbing the ladder sees the rune with a DC 20 Spot payment. Crest point 12. The Countdown Wall This in a different way empty room looks dedicated to a massive panel of complicated hieroglyphics. Any personality who can’t learn historical Osirion could make a DC 20 Decipher Script cost (or use a understand languages spell or fashion designer Notes Tilting the Scales This room offers a very likely deadly contest that differs from the normal melee. The Panthereon has a energy of twenty-two, giving it a +6 bonus (or +8 if it prompts its bull’s power spell). the typical team of 4 computers most likely has an advantage in a variety among +8 to +10 (+2 to +4 for the party’s most powerful member, plus on commonplace as much as an extra +6 or so with profitable relief one other exams. The desktops must have the upper-hand until Ankana unbalances it along with her magic. The stumble upon has greatest effect if the scales suffer a chain of close-call reversals, with both sides gaining the upper-hand at diversified issues. If the curse of the encircled runes kicks in through the center of the competition, it’s relatively most likely overall social gathering kill (TPK) might take place. except the computers have taken an strangely circuitous path notwithstanding, they most likely haven't but obvious the rune of reckoning and may be secure (for now). If the desktops reach destroying the wall of strength, enable it occur instead of frustrate their efforts to play open air of Ankana’s online game. They do, even though, most likely face either Ankana and the Panthereon while, which makes for an EL nine stumble upon.

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