GameMastery Module: Crucible of Chaos

By Wolfgang Baur

The misplaced urban has been came upon, hidden in a distant mountain valley. As adventurers rush to plunder its fabled treasures, a hungry terror prepares for his or her arrival. Crucible of Chaos is an exploration event for high-level characters, suitable with the world's preferred delusion roleplaying video game, and a part of the GameMastery Module line. GameMastery Modules additionally contain 4 pre-made characters so avid gamers can bounce correct into the motion and full-color maps and handouts to reinforce play.

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All the 3 sorcerers is confident that he by myself can grasp the artwork of binding the shoggoth and achieve regulate over town, and every took a distinct path to trying this feat. Yakmar discovered to bind genies, Yithdul exposed how you can command invisible stalkers, and Banderak informed the spider eaters. If the 3 develop into confident the get together is a risk to their regulate of town, it's attainable they can unite opposed to the desktops, even if Yakmar’s activities are unpredictable at most sensible. Yakmar is generally within the Needle and Globe Tower (area 7) along with his efreeti dad or mum. Banderak is usually on the flying library (area 9). Yithdul is mostly on the Forsaken palace (area 14) even if he spends a small period of time on the Beehive Tomb (area 11), trying to decipher its secrets and techniques. of Yakmar, who prefers to stick in a few denial approximately his function in bringing down the town. Yakmar himself is kind of insane, and at any time when attainable he clings to the idea that Ulduvai continues to be a flying urban and not anything undesirable ever occurred to it. despite what the desktops do to his servants or his tower, so long as they play in addition to Yakmar’s trust that Ulduvai continues to be a flying urban, he fortunately chats approximately arcane wisdom and mercantile chances with them. whereas this works good for a couple of minutes, Yakmar frequently unearths that the dialog fails to persuade him at some point soon. After five mins, the computer doing lots of the speaking needs to make a DC 30 Bluff fee or a DC 23 wisdom (arcana) or wisdom 14 Yakmar (history) money to persuade Yakmar that issues are only as they seem from his “windows. ” Thereafter, the computer needs to make an identical money each minute of dialog that persists, with the DC cumulatively expanding via +1 according to minute. If the computer fails the money or the celebration destroys the appearance, Yakmar assaults instantly, ordering Fezghul to safeguard him if the efreeti nonetheless lives. slave. He makes an attempt to get the computers to visit Yakmar, as he is aware it really is dead to aim and get Yakmar to come back to them. Morale so long as Yakmar lives, Fezghul is certain to struggle to the dying. once the sorcerer dies, the efreeti flees. Yakmar CR nine strategies Male human dread wight sorcerer 7 CE Medium undead (augmented humanoid) complicated Bestiary ninety five Init +7; Senses blindsense 60 toes. , darkvision 60 feet. ; pay attention +2, Spot +2 in the course of strive against The efreeti prefers trickery to melee strive against. He makes use of his everlasting photograph to make himself look as a human AC 21, contact thirteen, flat-footed 18 (+4 armor, +3 Dex, +4 usual) Fezghul the Efreeti CR eight hp sixty five; MM one hundred fifteen module j3 safeguard hp fifty one (63 with fake lifestyles; 7d12) fortress +4 Ref +7 Will +9 Immune undead characteristics Offense velocity 30 toes. Melee slam +6 (1d4+3 plus strength drain) detailed assaults command wights, create spawn, strength drain Spells identified (CL seventh, +6 melee contact, +6 ranged contact) third (5/day)—fly, lightning bolt (DC 19) second (7/day)—false existence, invisibility, hot ray 1st (8/day)—mage armor, magic missile, security from chaos, safeguard, precise strike zero (6/day)—acid splash, flare (DC 16), gentle, mage hand, mending, prestidigitation, ray of frost strategies ahead of wrestle Yakmar continuously has mage armor and fake existence lively.

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