GameMastery Module: Crown of the Kobold King

By Mike Mcartor, Jason Bulmahn, Jeremy Walker

Deep inside of his lethal dungeon, the Kobold King laughs maliciously. His gigantic fans raided the close by village and set his plan for local conquest in movement. Crown of the Kobold King is a low-level dungeon event written by way of Nicolas Logue that pits the avid gamers opposed to a mischievous King of the Kobolds and his noisome minions. A raid on a neighborhood village results in a crumbling monastery riddled with crafty traps and lethal beasts. Will the heroes be the 1st to outlive the Kobold King's dungeon and lay declare to his crown?

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Druingar the Glintaxe, the nice dwarven hero, quested there to discover relics of his people’s historic empire. He by no means back, and now those that enterprise with regards to where at evening declare his ghost glides via its gloomy halls, preying on an individual silly sufficient to trespass there. ” DC 25: “Something vile lives deep less than. lately, freakish little monstrosities have surfaced within the vale. I’m definite they murdered these goatherds discovered useless final week, and that i wouldn’t be stunned in the event that they are in the back of these children’s disappearance. ” Ballad of the Glintaxe If any computing device makes a DC 15 bardic wisdom, assemble details, or wisdom (local) cost, he has heard the Ballad of Glintaxe no less than a couple of times. Glintaxe, effective hero of the dwarven race, Seeker of heirlooms misplaced with no hint, He ventured the deeps the place outdated evil sleeps He perished within the halls of a few darkish position. His stressed spirit nonetheless stalks the evening, His shining awl nonetheless glows vivid, I’ve visible his ghost, and this is often no boast, half : Seekers of misplaced youngsters The desktops’ first cease of their quest to discover the lacking young children is probably going Elara’s midway apartment, the scene of the notorious dare and the final position any of the youngsters have been recognized to be. The midway condominium stands on a small upward thrust approximately eight miles open air of city, correct at the fringe of the vale. Elara’s reasons for development the orphanage up to now clear of the relative defense of city are an issue of a few hypothesis within the village, however the fact is that she used to be petrified of elevating them too with regards to the evil impression of the seedy city and the grasping lumber barons. Her isolation allowed her to offer the kids an opportunity at an schooling, however the rate proved to be her existence and the destruction of every little thing she outfitted. Elara’s midway residence (EL three) because the desktops procedure the location of the blistered orphanage, learn or paraphrase the next: The blackened husk of the orphanage lies atop the hill. Charred timbers are strewn between piles of caked ash and the single edifice left status is a soot-stained stone arch. A small crammed doll lies under the arch, her face seared off and her patchwork gown spilling soiled st­uffing. Beside her, a troop of half-melted tin squaddies stand in formation, their our bodies twisted and deformed through the blaze that claimed their owner’s existence. there's little of curiosity one of the particles right here, yet a DC 20 seek money finds a charred trapdoor underneath an inch of ash within the middle of the ruins. The lock is melted close and can't be picked, however the door is wrongly broken and simply smashed open. Trapdoor: Hardness five, hp eight, holiday DC 15. If somebody breaches the door learn or paraphrase the next. The stench of rot belches forth from this rank cellar. A chipped, blood-stained oaken desk rests opposed to one wall, with all demeanour of blades and barbed tools laid out on it. A unmarried pair of rusted shackles is bolted into the other wall, whose bricks are stained in a bloody account of ache and cruelty. The robed corpse of a girl at the ground is the resource of the reeking stench of degradation.

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