Fashion Illustration

By Xiuming Chai, Haoyang Lu

Type is one other identify for fashion. It stands on the vanguard of the avant-garde traits. representation is the main versatile photograph layout that may express designers' inspirations freely. What if style meets representation? while model is illustrated with diversified representation techniques, the passionate pictures might increase the attention-grabbing allure of style. within the e-book, pencil, watercolour, color pen, marker pen, software program, university and synthesis techniques are brought intimately. the fashionable components in type are illustrated in a clean approach.

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The Little Black Book of Style

From Nina Garcia—fashion pass judgement on on Bravo’s hit venture Runway and writer of favor method and the only Hundred—comes her wildly well known big apple instances bestseller The Little Black ebook of favor. the following, in a single indispensible quantity, are Nina’s final principles of fashion that will help you discover your individual signature glance.

Women from the Ankle Down: The Story of Shoes and How They Define Us

Rachelle Bergstein brings readers alongside on a special and pleasant romp during the historical past of trainers, the ladies who put on them, and the profound effect they've got on our lives. girls from the Ankle Down contains interviews and cameos with influential figures starting from Lisa Mayock of Vena Cava to Oscar Award–winning gown clothier Patrizia van Brandenstein, from document Martens historian Martin Roach to model Institute of know-how museum director Valerie Steele; from Marilyn Monroe and Jane Fonda to Salvador Ferragamo and Christian Dior; from Judy Garland to ask yourself lady.

Stashbuster Knits: Tips, Tricks, and 21 Beautiful Projects for Using Your Favorite Leftover Yarn

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Color Me Beautiful

Utilizing easy guidance, specialist colour advisor Carole Jackson is helping you decide the thirty colors that make you glance smashing. colour ME appealing also will assist you: increase your colour character; learn how to excellent your makeup colour; observe your garments character; use colour to resolve particular determine difficulties, and extra, together with full-color palettes containing the thirty colours for every season--pages you could minimize out to hold in case you store!

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The autumn wintry weather 2007. 2008 assortment used to be known as "Correlated series" and is relating the interrelation of elements which defines the common personality of the adddress collections. 安迪赖斯 德国 项目名称:相关序列 工 具:每个项目均采用不同的技法以强调设计的主题。 插画设计,来自2007/2008秋冬季;2009/2010秋冬季;2010春夏季作品 集 2007/2008秋冬季展,名为“关联展”,着力体现安迪赖斯作品中设计元 素间的相互关系。 31 Elmaz Hüseyin united states 艾玛兹•侯赛因 32 Elena Kikina Germany name: Firkant Media: pencil, Adobe Photoshop 埃莱娜·琪琪娜 德国 项目名称:Firkant 工 具:铅笔、图像处理软件。 33 Elena Kikina Germany 埃莱娜·琪琪娜 德国 34 Elena Kikina Germany name: Firkant Media: pencil, Adobe Photoshop 埃莱娜·琪琪娜 德国 项目名称:Firkant 工 35 具:铅笔、图像处理软件。 Elena Kikina Germany 埃莱娜·琪琪娜 德国 36 Elmaz Hüseyin united states identify: “70’S PIMP” assortment Media (Black & White Sketches): Indian ink & drawing pen (Dip Pen) on vellum (Sketches have been first drawn in pencil on format paper then re-drawn on vellum utilizing indian ink and a Dip Pen) Media (Sketches With Colour): photocopies of pen & ink drawings onto acetate mobile paper and colored from the opposite with cellphone paint and poster pens) On a visit to NYC within the mid-80’s, the clothier neglected the cease at the subway and ended up within the South Bronx. A pimp and one in every of his women acquired at the teach. within the designer's younger British eyes, the pimp's outfits looked like they got here correct out of an episode of Starsky & Hutch. .... crimson coat, matching hat, great reveres, snakeskin sneakers; she used to be donning a massive fur with an awesome do. So this "accidental journey" used to be the muse for 70's Pimp – one of many designer's earliest collections. The clothier used to be so encouraged that She begun drawing presently, growing a few fascinating characters and events. in spite of the fact that, in my international, it used to be the ladies who have been the “pimps” and cost of themselves – the boys have been their “accessories”. 艾玛兹•侯赛因 美国 项目名称:“70年代的皮条客”系列 工具(黑白素描):印度油墨绘图笔、羊皮纸。 工具(水彩):墨水、图纸、彩色复印纸、颜料 以及海报笔。 20世纪80年代中期,在去纽约的火车上,因坐过 站,而来到了纽约南区布朗克斯。车上一个皮条 客领着几个女孩吸引了设计师的目光。对于来自 英国的埃尔马兹来说,皮条客仿佛是刚从《警戒 双雄》摄影棚回来……紫色外套搭配同款帽子, 蛇皮鞋子散发着诡异的气息;身着一袭皮草的女 孩十分引人瞩目。而这次“意外之旅”为设计师 的早期作品提供了创作灵感。 作品中,女人扮演“皮条客”的角色,而男人则 作为“附属”。 37 Elmaz Hüseyin united states identify: Tommy Hilfiger Illustrations Media: brush pen (Initial drawings have been in pencil HB/1B, then re-drawn utilizing a black brush pen). a few type homes use illustrators to paintings with their layout groups who, for the main half these days have assorted skill-sets that require them to be effective in parts except representation. The dressmaker labored with layout groups at Tommy Hilfiger assisting them to grasp their imaginative and prescient for shows and line adoptions within the absence of prototypes that have been possibly nonetheless being made in Asia. The dressmaker used their seasonal colors, bought into the texture of the patron, and extra a few styling and layout touches of her personal with footwear, tights, sun shades, hats, baggage & hair. 艾玛兹•侯赛因 美国 项目名称:“汤米·希尔菲格插画集” 工 具:毛笔(草图使用HB/1B铅笔,然后用黑色毛笔 加工润色)。 一些时装公司常常喜欢在设计团队中邀请插画师的加入, 从而实现多元化的设计。因此,设计师与汤米•希尔菲格 设计小组一起,为打造亚洲时装提供视觉与线条的创意设 计。 设计师运用不同的季节颜色,在确保满足消费者需求的基 础上,在鞋子、紧身衣、太阳镜、帽子、箱包及头发等方 面注入设计亮点。 38 Elmaz Hüseyin united states identify: Tommy Hilfiger Illustrations Media: brush pen (Initial drawings have been in pencil HB/1B, then re-drawn utilizing a black brush pen).

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