Dreamscapes Magical Menagerie: Creating Fantasy Creatures and Animals with Watercolor

By Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

Create fable Creatures & Animals with Watercolor! Dreamscapes artist Stephanie Pui-Mun legislations weaves her spell once more, this time with a spotlight on winged, underwater and four-legged creatures that captivate with their grace and most unlikely good looks. step-by-step, you will easy methods to associate with watercolor to color koi, the Phoenix, Pegasus and different fantastical creatures to inhabit your otherworlds. deliver lifestyles to beasts of water, sky and woods. stick with alongside, step-by-step, to create sea turtles, owls, earth dragons . . . greater than 20 legendary and real-world creatures. extend your watercolor strategies. This ebook covers every thing from the fundamentals of assembling your instruments and choosing paper, to suggestions for making colours sing and strategies for evoking mysterious, underwater, forest and celestial settings. embody the probabilities! glowing with a feeling of caprice and beauty, and peppered with bits of legend and lore to notify and encourage your paintings, Dreamscapes Magical Menagerie opens your eyes to the makings of myth throughout you. in case you can dream it, you could paint it!

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1 around. begin with Lemon Yellow at the head, dabbing in Naples Yellow, Cadmium Orange and bits of Ultramarine Violet as you progress down the size of the physique. allow the colours unfold into each other. combine Alizarin purple and Cadmium Orange. With a no. zero around, paint alongside the ridges of the ocean horse’s again, ensuring to permit the former layer of colours to teach via for highlights. operating wet-on-wet, dot a bit of of Prussian Blue towards the left side. As you progress down the tail, use extra Alizarin pink and no more Cadmium Orange so the tones slowly darken. proceed alongside front aspect of the ocean horse with a similar type of therapy. Use Naples Yellow at the abdominal for the bottom tone, and dot wet-on-wet Ultramarine Violet towards the fitting aspect. depart the outer left part white. Do an analogous for the again fin. STEP four: upload ultimate info Use a no. zero around to glaze the pinnacle and quarter round the eye, with a mixture of Alizarin red darkened with just a little Prussian Blue. For the spines down the again, paint with Alizarin red utilizing a no. zero around. With a few fresh water, path the information of the spines outward in order that they mix into the environment. Darken the bottom of the stomach with a bit Prussian Blue combined into the Alizarin red. Use this similar combination to complete the attention. DEMONSTRATION Paint a Sea Turtle In Punalu’u, Hawaii, legend tells of a turtle who pulled herself from the ocean and laid an egg within the black sands sooner than returning to the water. From the egg hatched a tender lady who was once proficient with the powers of shape-shifting. She used to be named Kauila. At evening she turned into a sea turtle. by means of day she performed with and guarded the youngsters of Punalu’u, in addition to guard the natural spring within the region. the folk of Punalu’u enjoyed her for that. * * * fabrics record floor • 6” × 7” (15cm × 18cm) representation board Brushes • 1/2-inch (12mm) flat, nos. zero, 1, 2, four rounds Watercolors • Burnt Umber, Cadmium Yellow, Lemon Yellow, Naples Yellow, Payne’s gray, Prussian Blue, Sap eco-friendly, Ultramarine Blue, Ultramarine Violet, Viridian eco-friendly different • salt * * * STEP 1: comic strip the Piece and Paint the heritage comic strip a sea turtle gliding in the course of the ocean waters with a faculty of fish. With a no. four around, paint Ultramarine Blue into the heritage and mix outward with water. Don’t fear approximately portray over many of the extra far away heritage fish, as they are going to be layered with extra blue later. The foreground fish will finally be painted yellow, so retain the white of the web page fro these. combine Viridian eco-friendly + Prussian Blue. With a no. four around, fill within the remainder of the heritage, mixing out into the Ultramarine Blue. Sprinkle with salt whereas the paint remains to be rainy. Brush the salt crystals away as soon as the layer is dry. With a 1/2-inch (12mm) flat brush, frivolously glaze a mixture of Payne’s gray + Prussian Blue within the top left and decrease correct corners. this can soft out the textures a piece and support concentration the viewer’s awareness at the turtle. STEP 2: Paint the heritage Fish Paint the extra far-off fish with a no.

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