Dreamscapes: Creating Magical Angel, Faery & Mermaid Worlds In Watercolor

By Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

Bring a myth global of mesmerizing Beings to Life!

Angels, faeries and mermaids have engaged the imaginations and enchanted the brushes of artists for hundreds of years. you can now evoke the spirit of those legendary creatures and create tremendous works of airy artwork in watercolor. Step by way of encouraged step, Stephanie Pui-Mun Law exhibits you the way to color the otherworlds' so much extraordinary creatures and delightful settings. Twenty step by step initiatives enable you create remarkable scenes which are elegantly styled, brilliantly coloured, and alive with a feeling of wonder.

Fabulous Realms! Create unusual and beautiful backgrounds, equivalent to the meandering oak branches of faery people, the celestial surrounding of angels, and the seascapes the place mermaids dwell.

Delightful Details! From angel wings to mermaid tails, from flowing gowns to faery robes, learn how to paint an innovative number of positive factors, garments and different info that verify exceptional results.

Mystical Effects! become aware of certain watercolor ideas for including magic and secret for your paintings.

You'll start via studying approximately crucial fabrics, together with brushes, paints, paper, then will circulation directly to very important innovations similar to making plans and sketching; determine proportions; particular features of angels, faeries and mermaids (including clothing); constructing backgrounds; and completing recommendations that upload an air of magic.

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