Do Whales Have Belly Buttons?: Questions and Answers About Whales and Dolphins (Scholastic Question and Answer Series)

By Melvin Berger, Gilda Berger

Presents solutions to such questions on a variety of species of whales and dolphins as "Do all whales have teeth?", "How lengthy do so much whales live?", "Why do dolphins whistle?", and "Can dolphins keep humans?"

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A lot of those dolphins are at risk from water toxins and motor boat site visitors. additionally they can get stuck in fishing nets. Do dolphins swim in teams? Dolphins frequently swim in huge teams known as herds. every one herd could have among 12 and 1,000 dolphins. The dolphins hunt for nutrition and play jointly, speaking by way of clicks and whistles and by means of slapping their flukes at the floor of the water. If an animal will get in poor health or harm, the others increase it as much as the skin to respire. 29 Can dolphins keep people? certain. Dolphins were recognized to aid people in misery. now not in the past, a girl thrown into the ocean from an exploding yacht was once saved afloat by means of 3 dolphins. They moved her to a wide buoy, the place she waited for human support. In may perhaps 1978, a boatload of individuals used to be misplaced in a thick fog off the coast of South Africa. 4 dolphins nudged the boat alongside via risky water and stored many lives. 30 Which dolphin turns out to have a grin on its face? The bottlenose dolphin. the form of its beak offers it a pleasant, smiling glance. Bottlenose dolphins are really easy to coach. A bottlenose referred to as Flipper turned the celebrity of a television convey. you'll find bottlenose dolphins in aquariums and water parks, taking part in basketball and leaping via hoops. a few bottlenose dolphins are taught to do very important underwater jobs. the U.S. military has taught them to seem for underwater mines, to assist store divers who're in hassle, and to choose up gadgets from the sea backside. that is the largest dolphin? The orca. A male orca should be as much as 22 ft (7 m) lengthy and weigh 9,900 kilos (4,450 kg). evaluate this with the bottlenose, that is under part this size and weighs not more than four hundred kilos (180 kg). The orca, also known as killer whale, can also be one of many quickest swimming dolphins. while chasing its prey, an orca can surge as much as forty miles (64 km) an hour. how will you spot an orca? via its glossy black physique with white undersides and the large white spot in the back of each one eye. Orcas are least difficult to determine once they spy-hop, or bounce directly up out of the water. They most likely spy-hop to determine farther. you may also inform an orca through its 6-foot-tall (1. eight m) dorsal fin. The pointed fin sticks up out of the water because the orca swims via. The male’s fin is upright and somewhat ahead. The female’s fin is curved, extra like that of a shark. what's an orca’s favourite nutrients? the massive tongue and lips of the large whales. Orcas are the single whales that consume warmblooded animals. frequently hungry orcas tear a seal or walrus aside through tossing the animal within the air and enjoying tug-of-war. dimension, velocity, and 50 huge, curved enamel make the orca probably the most feared hunters of the ocean. Are dolphins almost like porpoises? No. A porpoise’s snout is rounded, no longer pointed like a dolphin’s. A dolphin additionally has coneshaped the teeth, whereas a porpoise’s the teeth are spade-shaped. 33 BALEEN WHALES W hich are the biggest whales? Baleen whales. rather than tooth, those whales have huge, stiff plates, referred to as baleen, placing from their top jaws. The baleen is made from keratin, an identical fabric as your fingernails.

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